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About Sacral Soul

“We are so disconnected from our bodies that we fail to understand and/or utilize the PowHer that we possess simply because we are women.” 

~Dr. TaMara


Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness was birthed out of the need to help women learn to Embody the Authenticity and Soul's Purpose.  That need began with me! I was in a very interesting space in my LIFE. I was totally disconnected from my Self. I did not fully INNERstand or understand the PowHer that I possessed simply because I AM a Divine Medicine Woman Embodied with Knowledge and Wisdom from Spirit, Her Most High and the Ancestors. As a result, I had taken my Purpose, my PowHer, my Magick, my Goddess, My Witch for granted. I had been hiding behind the veil….that is until Lilith showed up to teach me my Truth and the PowHer of my WOMB Space! 

Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness is more than a name or a brand! It's PowHer! It's Medicine for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul! It's Ancient Ancestral Wisdom! It's Love! Sacral Soul was created specifically with the Purpose and Intention of helping women learn how to Honor who we are as women by Honoring the Sacredness and Privilege of our WOMB Space . I do this by Empowering women with the Knowledge and Tools that will help them to Cleanse, (re) Connect, Calibrate and Create the Life they desire by harnessing the Wisdom and PowHer of the Womb Space!

Sacral Soul Ancestral Medicine & Healing  Services

My Work Centers on offering Ancestral Medicine Modalities and Tools for:

1)  Increasing a woman's Fertility and chances of getting pregnant,

2) Facilitating Healthier Birthing Experiences  and

3) Healing the Fragmentation of the Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul for Integration of Balance

     and Wellness...Wholeness!


This is done through the Space of the WOMB!  I utilize a variety of modalities and tools to assist clients in Healing including:   

  • Fertility & Birth Doula Services

  • Ancestral Lineage Healing

  • Ancient Yoni Steaming Ritual 

  • WOMBniversity Mentorship &  WOMB Healers Training

  • Heart Talks, Soul Guidance & Retrieval

  • Energy/INNER-G Healing

  • Sound, Movement & Breath Work

  • Sacred Herbal Medicine

  • Ceremonial Healing Medicine & Rituals

  • Crystal & Gemstone Medicine

  • Divination 

  • Card Readings

        and so much more!

The Ancestral Medicine and Healing  Modalities and Tools that I use has the PowHer to Transform Lives! To learn more and/or  book an Individual Session,  Click here!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Client Experience

"Thought: Tonight I got a special message from Dr. TaMara Rose and oh my god she was on point. She gave clarity, light, guidance and truth. She shedded light on so many things that I couldn’t understand . She give spiritual guidance and love. I would inbox her and asked all kind of questions or asked about different topics she would always respond and shared her wisdom and experience. I’m happy that god has blessed her to share her gift to help people heal. Healing is very important. Yes Dr. I do know now what I must do in order to reach the next level and thank you for teaching me that my gift is a blessing. Love u. FYI: that message hit home it touch the soul!"

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The Book

For hundreds of years, patriarchal dominance, society, religion, family, culture, race, etc. has told us how we should think, feel, move and live. It has taught us how to embody this superficial, unhealthy, idealized image of who we are as women. These things have placed us in a box, that does not leave much room for variation, validation or acceptance. In fact, it has contributed the trauma and unhealthy layers upon layers of -ish we have experienced! We have become so disconnect from our WOMB, our Authentic Divine Feminine Nature! We have become bogged down by patriarchal systems of belief that have created layers of dissonance, self-betrayal, lack of worthiness, guilt, shame, abandonment, hurt, rejection, abuse, etc. These heinous trauma(s) have left many of us afraid to speak out because for centuries we have not felt safe to openly embody who we truly are as Divine! It’s no wonder why so many of us are unhappy and/or not living the lives we truly desire.


We are at a very powerful and LIFE-changing moment in history! The WOMB is waking and calling out to The Spirit of The Divine Feminine! My Beloved, we are being called to Rise! We are being called to remind the world that we are here! We are being called to connect with our Authentic presence! We are being called to restore balance to a world where a system of patriarchal dominance has not served us! And NOW is the time for us to release those things that are no longer serving us!


My Beloved, it STOPS HERE! IT STOPS TODAY! I hold that space for YOU and for US! IT'S TIME TO RISE LIKE A PHOENIX from the ashes to reclaim ourSelves and embody our ancient WOMB wisdom!


WOMB Wisdom Oracle Card Deck & Journal

Hey my Loves! I am super excited to announce the release of my WOMB Wisdom Oracle Deck and WOMB Wisdom Journal!

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Visit Our Esty Store! 

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New Orleans, LA, Memphis, TN  |  Tel: 404-491-9103

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