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“We are so disconnected from our bodies that we fail to understand and/or utilize the PowHer that we possess simply because we are women.”  ~Dr. TaMara

Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness is more than a name or a brand! It's PowHer! It's Medicine for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul! It's Ancient Ancestral Wisdom! It's Love!


Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness was birthed out of the need to help women learn to Embody their Authenticity and Soul's Purpose.  That need began with me! I was in a very interesting space in my LIFE. I was totally disconnected from my Self.  I did not fully INNERstand or understand the PowHer that I possessed simply because I AM a Divine Medicine Woman Embodied with Knowledge and Wisdom from Spirit, Her Most High and the Ancestors. As a result, I had taken my Purpose, my PowHer, my Magick, my Goddess, My Witch for granted. I had been hiding behind the veil….that is until Lilith showed up to teach me my Truth and the PowHer of my WOMB Space! She showed up to help me navigate and ultimately Embrace my dark. 


Who is Lilith you wonder...


Lilith is MY womb! She is a Beautiful Dark Goddess who taught me the importance of honoring and embracing my darkness. She speaks from deep feminine attunement to the mysteries of the life-death-rebirth cycle. The source of her Ancient Wisdom and PowHer is subtle and Sacred.


How She helped...


Lilith appeared to teach me that because I had resided in this optical illusion of Light for so long, that my perspective and perception of who I am was not real. I was living a  under the narratives that others created for me over the years i.e. "the strong one," "the good wife," "Christian woman,"  "Johns Hopkins graduate," "independent woman," "good daughter," "other/better half," "not professional enough," "be more conservative," "too needy," "too emotional," "doing too much," etc.  such that my perspective and perception had become distorted and I did not even recognize mySelf anymore. My Eye, Third, was not focused on the Light or my Truth and Knowing of who I truly was. I had become so conditioned that I was seeing mySelf and my Life through the lens, labels and definitions of others. This distortion was causing me to operate from a wounded space of inauthenticity. This wounded space caused a trickle down effect; creating dissociation, DIS-ease, disease and imbalance in every dimension in my Life. 


She also taught me that Light is born out of Darkness.  And just like a baby in their mother’s WOMB, I was being nurtured. I was developing. I was being pushed…contracted to travel through the deep and dark birth canal towards the Light. I was being (RE) born. And just like that, it hit me! I began to realize that I was not just the good “acceptable” depiction of Lilith, but rather I was both…the Light and the Dark! I was two rivers integrating so that I could become that witch I AM!

My Beloved, we must dig deep into the shadows of our Soul, to the roots, in order to find the source of our darkness, fears, traumas, anxieties, etc. When we do, we stand face-to-face with the undercurrent of our dark essence that needs to be acknowledged and healed. We also generate a major universal shift in the Collective Consciousness and HUman “Being” of the Divine Feminine.


The darkness of our psyche holds the greatest potential for Healing and Growth. When we fully enter into the darkness, boundaries and limitations expand by dissolving our self, (small "s") i.e. resistance, fears, anxieties, traumas, etc. The ego dies and we find FREEdom. We become!  Lilith reminded me that it was time for me to get back to the Authenticity of my Self (big "S") by embracing those things that were deeply rooted in my primal brain so that I could begin to unfold.


As a result of my beautifully messy encounter with Lilith, Sacral Soul was born

“Understanding the PowHer of the WOMB and her Connection to the Dimensions of our Lives is essential to Healing and Wholeness.”

~Dr. TaMara

Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness is more than a name or a brand! It's PowHer! It's Ancestral Healing! Ancient Medicine and Wisdom!  It's Love! Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness was created specifically with the Purpose and Intention of helping women learn how to Honor who we are as women by Honoring the Sacredness and privilege of our WOMB space. I do this by Empowering women with the Knowledge and Tools that will help them to Cleanse, (re) Connect, Calibrate and Create the Life they so desire by harnessing the POWHER of the Womb Space!

Through Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness, I offer Guidance along our Journey to Healing, discover, exploring, honoring and celebrating ALL that we are and will become! It's a Space to hold our Authenticity - whatever that means to us! 


Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB Wellness  is a Safe Space for you to say F! THAT! and begin to unpack and Heal the -ish that's been holding you back from Walking in your Authenticity. It's necessary! It's Self-care! It's Permission! It's Forgiveness! It's Growth! It's Healing! It's for YOU and for ME! It's our Sacred Space!  


It's here we will do "THE WORK!"  We will hold ourSelves accountable!  We will feel our pain and fill our pain with Purpose!  We will Manifest with Intention! We will transcend to our highest self!  WE WILL LOVE!!!  YES! WE WILL LOVE OURSELVES UNAPOLOGETICALLY!! F THAT!

“So shall The Most High  our Ascended Master(s), Spirit Guides and Ancestors teach us to connect with the deepest darkest parts of our Selves so that we are able to become the Light that we are.” ~Dr. TaMara



...and so it is and so shall it be, as Above, so below, so within, so without!


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