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Card Reading/ Intuitive Message

Receive Divine Guidance with a Sacral Soul Card Reading/Intuitive Message.

I offer three types of Card Readings/Intuitive Messages:

  1. General Card Reading/Intuitive Message  for $40.40.  This Card Reading/Intuitive Message provides an overview, general summary and Guidance.

  2. Specific  Card Reading/Intuitve Message for $66.66This Card Reading/Intuitive Message provides Guidance in the area of your life that you so desire.

  3. In-Depth Card Reading/Intuitive Message for 111.11.  Receive and In-Depth Card Reading/Intuitive Message on Love and Relationships. 

Here’s how the Card Reading/Intuitive Message works: I pull the cards. Then, I will sit with Spirit. I Allow Them to Guide the process and I listen for the Message.  Once I Receive the Message from Them, I will write/type out the Message and Meditate on it again to ensure that I AM accurately Conveying what Spirit wants me to Convey.  Once that process is complete, I will email the Card Reading/Intuitive Message to your preferred email address.


The entire process takes time and varies from person to person.  Please be aware that this is not an immediate process because I invest a lot of time and Energy/INNER-G in Petitioning your Message and I do not give a Message until Spirit Downloads the Message.  I email the Card Reading/Intuitive Message so that you can refer back to it anytime you like and so you can use it as a tool to begin your Healing Journey. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Readings will be delivered via email. THERE is NOT a LIVE Card Reading/Intuitive Message. When purchasing your Card Reading/Intuitve Message, you must select a calendar option.  The calendar option is just to confirm your date of purchase and "reservation order"  for the Card Reading/Intuitive Message

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