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Ancestral Healing Services

Ancestral Healing is Process of Spiraling into Discover, Unpack and Releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down throughout our lineage by our ancestors. These wounds and traumas become embedded within our DNA, mind, bodies, Energetical/INNER-Getical Field, Spirits and Souls Creating unhealthy patterns of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that contributes to DISease and disease.

Sacral Soul's Ancestral Healing Services Lovingly Guides you on a Journey to Healing your lineage and Changing your Legacy by working within your Ancestral Lineage to Help you Start to Understand, INNERstand and transform patterns of trauma  pain and abuse, and gradually REclaim the positive Spirit and PowHer of your lineage. In doing THIS Work, we Change not only our Lives, but our families, communities and the world!


Ancestral Healing Sessions Offering

An Ancestral Healing Session is an individualized one on one session in which we work together with the Guidance from your Ancestors, Natal Chart, medical history, etc. to identify reoccurring themes, patterns and behaviors that are embedded within your family lineage. Together we will Unpack  and Process the Downloads and Information to Create a Plan of Action for  beginning, continuing or Deepening Healing Journey.


Other Healing Services, modalities and tools such as: Energy/INNER-G  Healing, sound frequencies, breath work,  crystal therapy, WOMB Healing, Limpas, Sacred herbal medicine, Rituals, etc. may be incorporated into a session.

Ancestral Healing Sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually.



 Click here to learn more about Ancestral Healing Sessions.


Ancestral Card Reading 

This is an in-depth Card Reading into your Ancestral Lineage that uses the Wisdom of your  Ancestors to Guide you on your Healing Journey into your Soul's Authentic Purpose.


Here’s how the Card Reading/Intuitive Message works: I pull the cards. Then, I will sit with Spirit. I Allow Them to Guide the process and I listen for the Message.  Once I Receive the Message from Them, I will write/type out the message and meditate on it again to ensure that I AM accurately conveying what Spirit wants me to convey.  Once that process is complete, I will email the Card Reading/Intuitive Message to your preferred email address.

The entire process takes time and varies from person to person.  Please be aware that this is not an immediate process because I invest a lot of time and Energy/INNER-G in Petitioning your Message and I do not give a Message until Spirit Downloads the Message.  I email the Card Reading/Intuitive Message so that you can refer back to it anytime you like and so you can use it as a tool to begin your healing journey.

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