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Ancestral Healing Sessions

They're Waiting to Connect with YOU!

Spiral into the Shadows of the Soul to Heal yourSelf, your lineage and your legacy! I will Guide you on an Ancestral Journey through the Space of the WOMB, Astrology, Birth Charts, The Four Directions, Elements and so much more to Assist you in Identifying and Unpacking unique themes, patterns, behaviors, wounds and traumas that are specific to your lineage. In addition, we will explore how these things show up in your Life to either contribute to the quality of your of your life or how these things ruminate and contributed to wrecking havoc on your Life. Finally, we work together to Create a Plan of Action that will Empower you to Heal those things with Grace, Love, and Compassion!

So how does an Ancestral Healing Session work?????

Shadow on Concrete Wall

What I Do.....

I Serve as a Guide to Help you to Spiral into the Shadows of the Soul (WOMB) to Embody your Healing!

I Assist you in.....

  1.  Finding, Facing, Feeling and Forgiving Ancestral patterns, themes and behaviors 

  2. Identifying lost Soul Fragments that will Serve in the Integration and Immersion of your mind, body, Spirit and Soul!

  3. Giving yourself and Self the permission to Forgive, Heal, Re-member, Exploration, Honor and Celebrate your Authentic Self.....the Self that you were before you incarnated into this physical realm!

How I Do It

One the course of nine (9) session, I help you INNERstand and  understand the PowHer and Connection of our epigenetics. I do this by teaching you how that PowHer and Connection filters through every dimension (mental, emotional, spiritual, biochemical, energetical, social, financial, legal, institutional, political, historical, physical, etc.) of our lives.  We Spiral into the WOMB Space and Navigate with Grace through each Direction and Dimension exploring patterns, behaviors, wounds, traumas and its impact in your Life.  My Spirit led Intuitive Medicine is Honest, Raw and Authentic! It’s Healing! I keep it 100% real! We Spiral In and Dig Deep until we Expose and Pull Up the root! 


The Medicine and Healing modalities/practices that I use includes: Platicas/Heart Talks, WOMB Healing i.e. yoni Steam, Mayan abdominal Clay wrap, WOMB Candling, Fertility Stimulation,  Divination, Energy/INNER-G Healing, Dance, Sound Resonance, Art Therapy, Nature and Natural Attunement/Alignment, Honoring the Sacred Elements, Directions and Celestial Bodies, Breath work, Plant And Crystal Medicine, Rituals, Ceremonies, Blessings, Limpias, Soul Retrieval’s and so much more. My work has the PowHer to Transform Lives!

The Beautiful Thing about ALL of this is.....My Commitment to YOU!

I AM Here with you through the ENTIRE Journey!  I AM Guiding you, Walking with you, Teaching you and Championing your Healing and Growth! 

How do I Know if I need an Ancestral Healing Session?????

You could definitely Benefit from and Ancestral Healing Session if.....

  • you want to Connect or Connect more Deeply with your Ancestors

  • you Feel a Deeper and Higher Purpose on your Life

  • you want to heal yourSelf and your lineage

  • you're Ready to Change your Legacy

  • you want to Love yourSelf Unapologetic

  • you want to BE who you are!

  • you want more Peace, Joy, Abundance & Prosperity in your Life

  • you are Ready to Heal your wounds and traumas

  • you are Ready to break intergenerational patterns, societal narratives, beliefs, and thoughts that have not Served your Highest Good

  • you want to leave behind the poverty consciousness mindset and Empower your relationship with money

  • want to Heal your body from disease and DISease

  • you are Ready to Own your PowHer Unapologetically

  • you are Ready to Learn and Embody your Soul's Purpose

  • you are Ready to say goodbye to your old way of living

  • you have had an Awakening and you're Ready to Dig Deeper 

  • you Desire Clarity