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Doula & WOMB Healing Services

"ALL LIFE begins in the WOMB! Our womb holds the power! It is the gateway to magic, creation, birth, and life!  

We cannot bring forth healthy LIFE, literally or figuratively, with an unhealthy and  toxic womb"  ~Dr.TaMara

Whether your desire is to prepare your mind, Spirit and WOMB for pregnancy, to become more intimately acquainted with your WOMB, to Embrace your WOMB PowHer or to bring forth Life through the WOMB Space, literally or figuratively, Sacral Soul's Doula & WOMB Healing Services are for you! Sacral Soul's Doula & WOMB Healing Services are to designed to give your WOMB the Attention, Love, Gratitude, Healing and PowHer it Needs and Deserves!  Embodied with Ancient Ancestral Wisdom, Intuitive Healing modalities and Guided per Spirit, each service is offered PowHerFull Intention, Channelled Guidance, Sacred Ritual and Ceremony to Support the Health and Wealth of your WOMB. ​ 

If you're ready to  begin the journey into motherhood or if you're ready to reconnect with your WOMB, we invite you to learn more about Sacral Soul's Sacred Spirit Doula and Ancestral WOMB Healing. 

Sacred Spirit Doula 

Image by Domo .

The word doula is a Greek word meaning women’s servant. Women have been serving other women during the journey of pregnancy and childbirth for many centuries. Birth support and servitude has proven that support from another woman during this time has a positive impact on the fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond. My role as a Sacred Spirit Birth Doula is to provide physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetical and informational and non-judgmental support to women throughout their entire pregnancy, from prenatal to postpartum. I also assist with encouraging and facilitating communication with the staff at the birthplace to ensure that you have the information needed to make informed decisions regarding your beautiful baby’s birth. My goal is to help you have a sacred and satisfying birthing ceremony as you define it.  P.S. Did you know that Doula Services can be paid for with you Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? 

Ancestral WOMB Healing

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Our WOMB desires to be nurtured and loved.  Healing our WOMB is healing the Spirit of our Divine Feminine Energy. Our WOMB has a name, a voice...we must honor her when she speaks.  Sacral Soul Ancestral WOMB Healing Services will teach you how to cleanse, re-connect, recalibrate, and create with the PowHer of your WOMB. Our WOMB Services include: Goddess Yoni Steam, Crystal WOMB Healing, Hot Stone Clay Wrap, Abdominal Stimulation Massage, WOMB Detox, WOMB Rebirthing and Journaling, Sacral Soul Red Tent Celebrations and ceremonies and so much more. 

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