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Healing and Unpacking Your -ish

The Anatomy of Healing

So…let me guess, you click on the link because you’re ready to heal right? You’re finally fed up, tired of crying, feeling overwhelmed, feeling incomplete and worthless! You’ve decided that  enough is ENOUGH! You’re ready to move forward with your LIFE, but don’t know where to begin. Well, I have amazing news for YOU! You’re in the right place AND it’s the right time! The universe has answered your call to heal! 


When we experience a trauma, on any scale, it takes a toll on our soul. Negative thoughts, attitudes, patterns and beliefs that develop as a result or in response to our trauma (s), often lead us to engage in self-sabotage, risky behaviors, addictions, etc. All of these things can affect our self-esteem, physical and mental health, relationships, careers, finances, etc. Additionally we when are experiencing life through the lens of trauma, it makes it extremely challenging to operate from our higher SELF! It also makes it impossible to live our best life! This is why it is extremely important to heal our trauma (s).  


My Beloved, it’s time to unpack the bag of trauma(s) that has been weighing you down for far too long! It’s time to commit to healing yourself! 


During this session, you will…


  • Explore the link between spirit, mind, body and soul

  • Examine the impact that trauma has on our lives

  • Unpack the truth about trauma 

  • Identify your trauma “triggers”

  • Learn how the brain protects us from trauma

  • Learn how to turn our trauma pain into healing power

  • Become familiar with the Chakras

  • Explore a path to healing

  • Realize how healing can help us become our authentic selves

  • Learn how to incorporate self-care into our lives 


Most importantly, you will finally begin to love yourself for who you truly are! You will  become more physically healthy, more centered, and calm. You will achieve an overall happier state of being which will attract abundance of all forms into your life, heal yourself and your family, change the trajectory of your linage  - and much more! 


So …grab your pen and paper because it’s time to heal! It’s time to Find That! Face That! Feel That! Forgive That! and say F THAT! so that your fancy self can finally walk in ALL  your authenticity and live the LIFE you are worthy of living!



If you're ready to step out on faith and take action to create a movement that will change YOUR LIFE

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