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My Love, it didn’t start with you! Our ancestral traumas and imprints have influenced who we are! Our ancestor’s DNA runs through our physical body, and their spiritual beliefs, emotional patterns, energetic patterns, mental beliefs, attitudes and behaviors continue flowing in our lives unless we take charge of clearing the unhealthy and toxic imprints that are preventing us from walking in our Authenticity in this lifetime. It’s time for you to change your life? Imagine how different your life could be if you tapped into the Knowledge, Wisdom and Guidance of your ancestors!

This LIFE changing workshop will help you heal generations of ancestral imprints by undoing generations of dysfunctional family patterns of all types of abuse, toxic relationships, poverty consciousness, abandonment, lack of self-esteem, karmic debt and so much!


My Love, it didn’t start with you but it can end with YOU!

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