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What are some things we can talk about during a Healing session? A session is a safe, non-judgemental space in which people talk about challenges related to womb healing, breaking ancestral patterns, removing those things that no longer serve you, orgasm, desire and arousal, relationships, intimacy, past traumas, shadow work, etc. During the session(s) we dig deep into the soul to address any issue(s) that may be causing pain, grief, imbalance, etc.

MY approach incorporates Spiritual and ancestral holistic approach to healing by giving you permission and helping you dig deep into the shadow soul to discover, explore & unleash your higher Self in a safer & healthier manner. I promote INNER and OUTER healing from emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, historical, energetical, societal, institutional, DNA, ancestral, soul and womb wounds and related trauma(s) without labeling these experiences as wrong or shameful.

Using a variety of Divination tools, techniques and healing modalities, I help you learn how to embody permission, forgiveness, healing, discovery, exploration and celebration of Self and our sexuality. A typical session may include discussions, womb healing work, chakra reading, energy work, breath work, techniques, crystal guidance, intuitive card readings, etc.

To schedule an appointment, contact me by using the "contact me" form on this website, via email at Sessions are offered online via my live page, Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime or by telephone.

All Healing sessions are intuitive Spirit led sessions that help you to dig deep into the shadows of the soul! You do the work to empower your mind, body, spirit and soul! Together, we  unpack the layers upon layers of "stuff" and unhealthy messages toxic DNA encoding, society -ish, cultural norms, religious indoctrination, childhood narratives, etc. that you've received about sexuality and ourselves growing up. I call it "unpacking your -ish!"

During a Healing session you can expect to experience a range of emotions, as you begin to release of toxic behaviors, old patterns of thinking and emotions that no longer serve you. It can get dark, painful and messy! But you are NOT alone. I AM here to support and guide you through the process. Doing THIS work you will learn to unapologetically love and embody your true and authentic Self!

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