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Using Your HSA or FSA Account to Pay For Doula Support


Unfortunately, most health insurance plans will not outright pay for or reimburse someone for the cost of doula support. However, many clients have had success paying for doula services with an HSA or FSA account. The IRS allows you to pay for doula care out of your HSA or FSA account if your doctor agrees that the care is medically necessary to treat a medical condition (in this case, pregnancy and childbirth). 

Reimbursement From HSA or FSA Account for Doula Payments 


If you would like to be reimbursed from your HSA or FSA, there are a few steps to follow:


  1. Pay your Sacral Soul Spirit Birth Doula support fee in full and receive an invoice stating the service and cost of the service.

  2. Fill out a Letter of Medical Necessity form. You can get this form directly from your HSA, or a generic one can be found online. 

  3. You will need to have your medical provider sign this affirming that you have the medical condition of being pregnant. 

  4. File your invoice and Letter of Medical Necessity form with your HSA/FSA. This can usually be done online.  Be sure to  keep your paperwork in case you are ever audited. 

  5. Enjoy your doula support that was reimbursed from your HSA or FSA!

  6. While it sounds complicated, and a bit cumbersome to get your doctor to “diagnosis” you as pregnant, it is worth it for the Peace of mind during your pregnancy!


Using Your HSA/FSA Card to Directly Pay for Doula Support


If you plan permits you to pay directly with your HSA/FSA card, we can accept those payments via PayPal or Square reader. Depending on your needs and funds available, we can set up a payment plan or send an invoice for the full amount. We will work with you based on your needs!

Image by Alex Pasarelu

"Having a Doula is NOT a luxury! It's a necessity! And yes, I am probably a little biased but having a doula helps to significantly reduce the stress and takes the burden off mom, so she can Align her INNERG with giving birth! "  Dr TaMara. 

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