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I wonder what would happen if I felt free to explore my sexuality? 


For many years, society, religion, family, culture, race, etc. has told us how to express our sexual selves. These things have placed us in box, that did not leave much room for variation, validation or acceptance. In fact, it has contributed to the trauma and unhealthy layers upon layers of -ish! It’s no wonder many why so many people are unhappy or  not living the lives they truly desire to live. It’s also very obvious that many people are settled for unfulfilling relationships, that at best offer lack luster intimacy and sexual pleasure.  That's exactly why I created the I AM Sex Masterclass!


I got into this "stigmatizing," "shameful," "nasty," "dirty,” misunderstood field of sexuality just for that very reason! I was curious! I wanted to know just how stigmatizing, shameful, nasty, dirty, and misunderstood sexuality was. So, I jumped knee deep in it, searching for the truth. What I found is that sexuality is definitely misunderstood, misguided and manipulated. However, what I also learned was that our sexuality is natural, beautiful, complicated, complexed, fluid, colorful, pleasurable, spiritual, and Divine. It's who we are and to deny this very core component of our being is to deny ourselves. This my Beloved creates pain, frustration, anger, depression, dissociation, duality and so much more. 

When I came into this level of understanding about our sexuality, it became my life's Purpose to empower folks with the REAL information and SEXcation to make informed choices on how to live and embody their sexuality authentically!


The way I see it Beloved, you can continue to exist under the layers of unhealthy sexual messages and -ish that we’ve been fed growing up and continue to be fed. OR you can make an intentional decision today to begin your journey to forgiveness, healing, discovery, exploration and celebration of healthy sexuality so that you can begin to own your sexuality, experience their authenticity and vibrate and operate from their highest self!


This is where The I AM Sex Masterclass, come in…

Based on one of my bestselling book, I AM SEX! The I AM Sex Masterclass is great for those who are truly committed to unpacking their -ish healing and moving past all the layers of stuff that's been holding them back, so that they can own their sexuality, experience their authenticity and vibrate and operate from their highest self!

I AM Sex Masterclass is NOT about how to teach others about sex or starting a business about sex. It's about YOU and your healing! It's about unpacking your -ish! It's focused on learning more about who you are beyond the physical dimension of sexuality. It's much deeper than an orgasm! Yes, we will talk about that but it's so much MORE than that! It's soul deep! It's remembering who you are beyond the layers and trauma! ! There's not a program like this out here! The I AM Sex Masterclass will change YOUR life and you legacy!


Topics include but are not limited too:

  • Embodying the Divine Feminine

  • Understanding our womb power

  • Trauma and healing

  • Forgiveness

  • Rebirthing

  • What it means to truly embody your sexuality

  • The real deal about sexual empowerment

  • All about the Human Sexual Response Cycle

  • Mysteries of the Yoni and yoni mapping

  • Barriers to sexual pleasure

  • Models for sexual pleasure

  • The different types of orgasms women can experience

  • How to take care of your sexual health


.....and more

Your investment in the I AM Sex Masterclass includes:


Autographed copy of my book, I AM Sex  

2 -  ONLINE 1:1 sessions with me

Unlimited access to VIP private Facebook group 

A supportive group of beautiful Sage Souls women who want to see you win 

Unlimited access to my depth and breath of knowledge 

Increased in self-love 

More confidence in your sexual self! 

Increase intimacy with your relationships 

Energy Exchange/ Cost: $333.33   **Payment Options are available**


If you're ready to own your sexuality, sign up TODAY!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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