Being In Love

**Sprint speak, intuitively written and heart chakra centered so excuse the typos or not...and don’t miss the message trying to be a scholar on spell check 🤷🏽‍♀️** Maaaan listen...this right here just said EVERYTHING! We spend so much of our lives doing things that other people want us to relationships that are destroying our Spirit and Soul-but yet we stay because we’re so worried about what other folks will think, say, etc...We’re so concerned with maintaining a certain look, presenting a certain face to the world or because that’s what mamas, grandma and them did... We stop living because we fear what on the other side of joy and/or we’ve somehow convince ourselves that we don’t deserve it so we settle...settle right on in to the mess that we become so comfortable and it becomes our “normal.” And we die everyday...because we’re settling for good enough or some damn goals were created years ago that’s no longer serve us or we’re trying to stay committed to a script and bullshit narrative/dream that was given to us by someone else... OMG FVCK THAT!!!! I shutter just to think how mundane my life would be if I settled and became comfortable in the mess of dying to life when I have the ability to LIVE EVERYDAY...EVERYTHING we need, want, desire is on the other side of the mess... Is it always easy to do...uhm no...Is it sometimes scary...hell yeah but check this out me and my sometimes scary ass will have to do it afraid, heart beating fast, knees shaking, teeth chattering and all... Maaaan fvck that!! I cannot, will not, blatantly refuse to settle for good enough or well at least it’s ok for now or some outdated and antiquated way of life and thinking...fvck that!! I refuse to allow the fickle human nature of others to dictate how I will or won’t embody my life...I will not transition from this life not having lived a life that I, TaMara Rose desires to live....fvck all the rest...I will ab-so-fvcking-lutely not settle for good enough...fvck good enough...YES, I’m something else...YES, I’m doing too much... YES, I’m living out loud and YES, I’m unapologetic about it... because you see LIFE for me will not pass me by...simply not...simply, YES I’m gonna love the fvck out of my LIFE....

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