My Beloved! It's Time to Heal!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

So, I just returned from an amazing weekend of healing and learning! I must say that it has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life to date! And what’s even more beautiful is that I had the honor of sharing this journey with a phenomenal goddess, sister teacher, mentor momma Tracey Bryant Swint of Love My Womb Academy and a sister circle of beautiful women from around the country!

During this empowering weekend, not only did I become a certified Goddess Steam Practitioner and Fertility Massage Specialist, I learned so much more about myself! I had no ideal how broken and fragmented I was. The pain and scars were deep! I gained a new understanding of how our brain really works hard to protect us from deeply embedded trauma, to the point that we do not even realize it’s there. Another powerful take away from this weekend was the emergence of my sacred soul Purpose! Now of course, I have always known that I AM Sex! However, I just did not know that the depth and breadth of my Purpose would be something beyond this realm. This weekend I learned why I was Chosen and Consecrated! I learned why The Spirit gifted Me and needed Me to do The Work that I do! I learned that I am non-traditional, non-linear, multi-dimensional ethereal, sacred soul being of light, Spirit, heart, and healing. In other words, I’m goddess AF!

As we participated in a variety of activities over the three-day period, the reoccurring theme for me centered on healing! It was very clear that I had to do the necessary “work” in order to transcend to the next phase in my LIFE! I had to unpack my -ish, deal with my negative spirits, cleanse my energy and make peace with my traumas – spiritual, emotional, mental, sexual, energetical, physical social, historical, ancestral, biochemical, financial, institutional, etc. I had to face, feel, find, forgive and fvck all of that in order to heal!

Now what does it truly mean to heal?

I’ll be the first to say that the process healing is definitely not for the faint of heart! It’s not some cute “oh I guess I’ll do this healing thingy” cause “it’s trendy” for social media likes type thingy! Healing is scary! It’s painful! It’s fvcking uncomfortable! It’s exposing vulnerability! It’s grief and loss of all kind! OUCH!! Who wants any part of that -ish? But in order to heal, it’s necessary! Healing is also reoccurring; meaning that it’s not a one-time event and BOOM….I’m healed. Healing is a lifelong process that occurs on multidimensional levels – simultaneously and sometimes not. It requires consistent intention on our part. For the rest of our lives, we are healing.

As we move forward on our healing journey, it’s so important to remember that even though we may feel like we have already “done the work” to overcome a specific area or challenge in our lives, it may show up again. When it does, we tend to wrap ourselves in shame, guilt, embarrassment, and other negative emotions, which only adds to the layers of trauma and prolongs our healing. However, during those moments when we feel those negative emotions, it will be important that we lean into the discomfort, honor the emotion, extend ourselves Grace and ask Spirit what’s required of us within this experience. When we do this, healing occurs on a much deeper level of understanding!

How do we begin to heal?

We begin the process by having an open heart and intentional vulnerability. An open heart allows receptivity. It means that we are open to whatever Spirit has for us to receive. Intentional vulnerability means that we have made an active choice to show up and be present in the experience. It means that we’ve removed all barriers and any preconceived notions of what our healing experience should entail.

Now notice that I did not say healing required us to be strong, brave or not afraid! Because at times during the healing journey, we will feel weak. We will feel like giving up. We will feel afraid. And all that’s ok! Nevertheless, we must push through those limiting emotions, even if we must do it afraid.

When we do push through, we begin to vibrate higher! The vibrational law of the universe begins to access and draw in all that is good! We become aligned with others who share our vibrational pattern and contribute to the love, wisdom and beauty of our lives. We become our highest self! And that, my Beloved, is the beauty of healing!

I emerged from the weekend as a new woman! I AM more entrenched in my sacred soul Purpose! I AM more aligned with my Soul Tribe! I AM more prepared to serve you! I AM THAT which I AM – non-traditional, non-linear, multi-dimensional ethereal, sacred soul being of light, Spirit, heart, and healing. In other words, I’m goddess AF! And even though this experience has changed me and I have completed this level of healing, I know there is so much more to come! Although I do not know when, where, or how, I now reside in a space of honor and gratitude because I can appreciate the beauty in healing!

My Beloved, what’s keeping you from healing? It’s time to reclaim your life and rewrite your story! It’s time to walk in your Purpose and authenticity! It’s time to unpack the trauma, close the door on pain and get rid of all the lies and deception that have been weighing you down all these years! I know it’s scary BUT I’m here to support you along the way! That’s what my brand is all about! That’s my sacred soul Purpose, my life’s work….to hold space for you! So whenever you’re ready to do the work, I got you my Beloved! I walk with you my Beloved! Now let me help you heal!

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