Secure Your Mask First

We spend so much time in a hamster wheel, running around in circles doing everything for everyone else that often we – do not have enough left for self. The unfortunate thing about this is that we actually think that it’s ok to continuously put our wants, needs, desires, self-care, etc. on the back burner. Well here’s the challenge with that mindset, by putting ourselves on the back burner, we eventually burn out and then what? ____________…. exactly…nothing! We eventually flatline!

My question to you today My Beloved is….What are you doing to make an investment in yourself? I’m not talking about only monetary. I’m talking about making an invest of time, care and love! I’m talking about an emotional, physical, social, mental, energetical and spiritual investment in your wellbeing! How are you showing up for yourself? Is it with the same level of commitment that you show to your jobs or for other people in your life?

Think about it! We spend so much time investing in things, that really don’t deserve our investment but yet we won’t invest in ourselves or if we do it’s at best a halfhearted attempt. And what’s even crazier, is that we make excuses for why we don’t show up for ourselves. We say things like I’m too busy! My partner doesn’t agree with what I’d like to do. I don’t have the money. Or here’s my favorite excuse, I just can’t find the time. Trust me, I get it because I’ve used some of those same tired excuses. But that’s exactly what they are, excuse without any merit. They are self-defeating behaviors and blocks that prevent us from facing our -ish.

Now here’s the funny thing, we can manage to find the money, time and everything else to pay for our hair, nails, etc. pretending to the world that we are living our best lives! My Beloved, I gotta call a thing a thing! What we’re presenting to the world, is the surface outside stuff; but our inside is a whole mess!

We must be willing to invest in our soul to heal and clean all that inner mess up! We must be willing to clean up all the mental, emotional, spiritual, social, historical, energetical, societal, institutional, DNA, ancestral, soul and womb wounds and related trauma(s). There’s no way we can be authentically living our best lives out loud and on purpose when we’re slowly and sometimes quickly dying inside. Now get ready for the real gut punch…. the reason we’re all dressed up and living out loud is because we’re really crying out for help! Not only that, but we cloud our mind with all the noise so we don’t have to face our -ish because its hard as hell! Nevertheless, peeling back layers upon layers of stuff, unpacking all that disappointment, heartache and pain, dissecting momma, daddy, sibling, family even partner trauma is tough! But it’s necessary!

My Beloved! I know! I’ve been through it! I had to forgive my familia trauma! I had to deal with religious trauma! I had to overcome an abusive spouse! I had to heal my disappointments and self-sabotaging behaviors! And here’s the big one, I had to forgive myself! But in order to do all that, I had to value myself enough to make an investment in myself! I’m not talking about throwing a pity party and having cocktails and conversations with gal pal. I’m talking about real work! I read books! I worked with a therapist! I got a mentor and healer. I prayed but also know that faith and prayer without works is dead! I had to take action to create momentum that could sustain my movement! I had to make an intentional investment in me. I had to secure my mask!

I encourage you to invest in yourself! Do the work! You don’t have to do it with me! I don’t have a particular dog in the fight regarding who you do it with! But please, just do it! Value yourself enough to do it! Stop putting it off! If you don’t have the time, find the time. If your partner doesn’t get it, agree or support it….maybe you should consider if that’s the partner for you. Everybody won’t understand or support your growth, and that’s ok! However, don’t let it stop you! If you don’t have the money right now….ask the universe, The Spirit where can you get it. You’d be surprised how the universe and The Spirit will respond when you make your request known.

So again, my Beloved please secure YOUR mask FIRST before assisting others! It’s time to make an intentional investment in yourself! You deserve it! You are worthy! You are enough!

F THAT! Don’t Shrink!

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