She's All Spiritual And -Ish

Yup, I’m a Spiritual Bewitching Magical Wild Ass Chick! I embody the spirit of a Goddess and the soul of several lifetimes! I AM a Witch and I own that, unapologetically! But here’s the think, although I knew who I was, I didn’t Knowwho I was….big difference! But once it had been revealed to me and I began to See how I had been Chosen, Consecrated and Initiated for this Purpose…oh Ba-bay! My life changed! My Purpose and path became so clear! The embodiment of my Passion became more authentic! And my Spiritual journey to my Remembering began!

The Integration

So check this out, “love and light,” spiritual growth is not necessarily what hollywood or social media would have us to believe. Being a spiritual person is not living in this untouchable bubble pretending that ALL is well. It’s not smiling all day, everyday being all positive and shit. It’s not necessarily about being a vegan, numerology, doing yoga, mediating, sages, crystals, cards, rituals, energy and sound healing, spiritual quotes and channeling ancestors and/or Spirits because that may not work us! Forcing ourselves to do or be something that does not resonate within our Spirit or that does not feel good to our Soul….is pretty much pointless. It defeats the Purpose of a spiritual journey, which is to ascend to our highest Self.  In addition, trying to fit in to a space and abide by some “spiritual script” that does not resonate becomes the same false dogma and indoctrination that has kept us bound for so long!