She's All Spiritual And -Ish

Yup, I’m a Spiritual Bewitching Magical Wild Ass Chick! I embody the spirit of a Goddess and the soul of several lifetimes! I AM a Witch and I own that, unapologetically! But here’s the think, although I knew who I was, I didn’t Knowwho I was….big difference! But once it had been revealed to me and I began to See how I had been Chosen, Consecrated and Initiated for this Purpose…oh Ba-bay! My life changed! My Purpose and path became so clear! The embodiment of my Passion became more authentic! And my Spiritual journey to my Remembering began!

The Integration

So check this out, “love and light,” spiritual growth is not necessarily what hollywood or social media would have us to believe. Being a spiritual person is not living in this untouchable bubble pretending that ALL is well. It’s not smiling all day, everyday being all positive and shit. It’s not necessarily about being a vegan, numerology, doing yoga, mediating, sages, crystals, cards, rituals, energy and sound healing, spiritual quotes and channeling ancestors and/or Spirits because that may not work us! Forcing ourselves to do or be something that does not resonate within our Spirit or that does not feel good to our Soul….is pretty much pointless. It defeats the Purpose of a spiritual journey, which is to ascend to our highest Self.  In addition, trying to fit in to a space and abide by some “spiritual script” that does not resonate becomes the same false dogma and indoctrination that has kept us bound for so long!

We must shatter the carefully constructed veil of self…ego, repressed by the shadow that is lurking underneath, cloaked, rationalized, and hidden deep within our Soul. We must dig deeply into the shadows of our soul and do the work! Doing the Soul work, meaning that we have to break the spells, patterns,  projections, judgements, beliefs, resistance, needs, scripts, etc. that have been encoded within our DNA and passed down from momma and them. We also must begin to reject and release cultural conditioning, societal narratives, religious indoctrination, norms, relational roles and beliefs which no longer serve us. And of course, that Soul work will look very different for each of us.

The Journey and The Path

Spiritual growth is not about walking the same path that someone else is walking. Our spiritual path is just as unique and individual as we are. It should be tailored specifically to us..where we live, our values and beliefs, our intuitive abilities, our passion and interests, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly okay to learn from others and to use some of their teachings and/or tools. However, the spiritual journey is all about finding our truth! It’s about embodying our authentic Selves!  It’s a way to reclaim the Divine within us!

As for me

My spiritual journey is a way of life! My path is a funky, electric, eccentric, bohemian hodgepodge of amazingly dope shit! Being a vegan doesn’t work for me. It’s not my thing right now and I’m good with that. Besides, I still love me some dairy products! I mediate daily, some days longer than others. I do yoga or some other type of sensual movement when I feel like it. I love energy, vibrational tones, water,  and crystals healing. It’s very calming to my Spirit. I also loooove card readings, even though sometimes I get mad with the cards when they reveal my shadow side. Nevertheless it’s the truth and I embrace it. I do rituals, especially in conjunction with the moon cycles, to help release my -ish! I stay talking to and seeking guidance from Spirit, my ancestors, Ascended Masters and my womb, Lilith – and that’s a whole different story!  I see repeating patterns of numbers ALL everyday, er’day. While using sacred white sage to cleanse my space of negative energies and entities, I like to bust it down and twerk to trap music. I say the word fvck, in any variation, quite often and it feels so fvcking good to my Soul! Most importantly, I trust my Self! Some days it’s all of these things. Other days, it’s none of these things. Some days I’m tired of spiritualizing! Some days I cannot get enough of it! One thing that’s certain, is that it’s hard work dealing with your healing! But I have definitely found what works for me! As I continue to transcend, I Know that perhaps some or even all of these things may no longer serve me and I am ok with that too!

Now, does this mean I am any more spiritual than anyone else? Ab-so-fvcking-lutely NOT! It just means this is my path!  My journey is soul stirring shadow work..the light and dark…the integration of two rivers to Become that Witch I AM. And I’m here for it!

At the end of the day, all I’m simply saying is find what works for you my Beloved and fvck everything else!  It’s really just that simple….

Consider this your invitation to begin your journey and find your own path today!

Aṣẹ, Amen, Awomen

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