Cotton Stalks and the Green Vase

Not too long ago, I talked about my kaftan snagging the cotton stalks that I have in a clear vase that’s sitting on the side table and that before I knew it the vase fell off the table, cotton stalks hit the floor and the glass shattered and scattered everywhere. The crystal clear vase with the cotton stalks represents my ancestors. The fact that the cotton stalks were inside the vase represents the ancestral imprints that have embedded in my DNA. The vase and the cotton stalks falling and breaking/shattering represents breaking the cycle/the shattering/the undoing of the ancestral imprints that have been passed down through my lineage.

Well...I had been saying since then that I was going to get another vase for the cotton stalks. I had even looked for vases online but nothing ever catch my eye. However this morning out of the Divine as Spirit does, They said TaMara use the green vase. I was like hmmm...ok! As I was getting the vase, Spirit said that vase represents Love, for two reason: 1) The heart chakra resonates with the color green and 2) the green vase was given to me with a dozen and a half of long steamed red roses by someone who is very special to me and I am to them as well. Spirit further instructed me to put some herbs at the bottom of the vase to embody the Spirit of Love, The Eye of God, fertility, prosperity and protection.

As I put the cotton stalks in the vase, which represents my Connection to my ancestors, Spirit said to intertwine the stalks as this will represent the “coming together of the ancestors and the two.”

The number 2 represents the closing of an important chapter in your life i.e. breaking cycles and moving forward. The number 2 also embodies the energy of balance. Finally the number 2 is ALL about Love, faith, partnership and union.

The Spirit Message was very clear now that I had broken cycle and I have undone the ancestral imprints, I AM ready to Receive...

The green vase represents the embodiment of Divine Unconditional Heart Chakra Divine Love and the joining of two hearts and two Souls whose Lives and Lineage will BE forever intertwined to create a beautiful lasting Legacy. This Love and this Legacy is Protected and will Prosper because it is under the watchful Eye of the Spirit, The Most High Abundant and Prosperous Source of ALL there is and it has the Support and Guidance of the ancestors!

And so it is and so it shall BE! I Give Thanks to The Most High for EVERYTHING Spirit does is Good!

**Divinely and Intuitively written from the Heart space. Please excuse grammatical errors and typos**

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