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Sacral Soul Red Tent

Sacred Celebrations and Ceremonies

Because She should be honored and celebrated…


For far too long we have been told that menstruation is dirty, nasty, filthy and inconvenient. We have also been conditioned to believe that during the menstrual cycle women are considered to be overly emotional and irrational creatures that should be avoided. All of this has been so ingrained in our psyches that it has caused us to become disassociated from our Selves and our bodies during the most magical time of the month. 


For centuries, in many cultures and countries around the world, our ancestors considered menarche a sacred and special moment in a girls life. This moment was honored with celebration and ceremony. Our ancestors knew that without the bleeding time, there would be no humanity, and no creation! They understood that this power of the womb is what made girls and women special!


At Sacral Soul, we holds the space for the full spectrum of women’s experiences, from menarche to menopause. Sacral Soul Menarche Celebration and Sacral Soul Red Tent Ceremonies creates and upholds the sacred space for girls and women to honor their own experiences, the full evolution and the process of their life’s journey.


Sacral Soul Red Tent 


Sacral Soul Red Tent Ceremony is simply a safe space for women to gather together and support each other. Within the safety and sacredness of the Sacral Soul Red Tent, women share womb stories across the spectrum of womanhood. These shared experiences,  whatever those experiences may be: pregnancy, menopause, hysterectomy, menstruation, assault, grief, pregnancy loss, motherhood, etc. are validated, acknowledge and held within the safety of the ceremony. Sacral Soul Red Tent Ceremonies are held during the new moon when women {and girls} are most in need of support, reflection and rest.


Why the new moon?

The new moon is the time of the month when women {and girls} tend to feel more tired, inward, emotional and vulnerable. It’s also the time when  insecurities, old wounds, heartbreaks, disappoints, etc. begin to surface. When we fail to accept, honor and heal our shadow self, we experience DIS-ease and disease. It is for this reason, that for thousands of  years, our ancestors gathered together during the new moon to reflect upon their lives, to offer each other emotional support and to release those things that are no longer serving them.

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Sacred Menarche Celebrations 


Sacred Menarche Celebrations are traditionally held when a girl begin her moon cycle/menstruating. This celebration may include: mother, sisters, aunts,   grandmothers, girlfriends, etc.) During these celebrations, girls typically learn about their  bodies, moon cycles, hygiene, how to honor and protect their temple/body, what this new phase in life entails and how to embody this new responsibly in a healthier and safer manner. Sacred Menarche Celebrations help to create a stronger foundation for self-love and acceptance as a young girl transitions into womanhood. 

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