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Sacral Soul  Ancestral Medicine & Healing  Services

My Work Centers on offering Ancient Ancestral Medicine and Tools for Healing the Fragmentation of the Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul for Integration of Balance and Wellness...Wholeness! This is done through the Space of the WOMB! In order to offer THIS Healing, I utilize a variety of modalities.  The Ancient Medicine and Tools that I use have the PowHer to Transform Lives! Click on the link in each section below to learn more about the Healing Modalities and/or Tool .

Fertility & Birth Doula Services

Sacred Fertility & Birthing utilizes Spiritual Practices and Rituals, Love affirmations and cultural traditions of the ancestors to Create a lasting memorable fertility and/or birth ceremonial experience. From the pre-conception to the moment that you find out that you're pregnant and until the beautiful Soul comes into the world, I walk along side of you supporting, educating, advocating, assisting and encouraging you throughout the entire Journey. Click here to learn more.

WOMBniversity Training Programs

& Classes

Sacral Soul Ancestral Healing & Ancient WOMB Wellness Exclusive Training Offerings! NOW you can Glean the Wisdom, Knowledge, Connection and PowHer through one of Sacral Soul's EXCLUSIVE VIP Training Offerings and our Classes and Workshops The WOMBniversity Offerings helps you to unpack and heal ancestral trauma, behaviors, patterns, etc. that have been preventing you from Embodying your PowHer, Authenticity and preventing you from Manifesting Abundance and living the Life you so Desire! Click her to learn more about the Sacred and Exclusive Training Offerings.

Heart Talks, Soul Retrieval &

Guidance - "Therapy" Services

Heart Talks, Soul Retrieval &  Guidance  are Intuitive Spirit led sessions that help you to Dig Deep into the shadows of the soul! I Guide you through a process of Transparent "Talks" and Soul Retrieval that will Empower your mind, body, Spirit and Soul! Together, we spiral into the shadows of the Soul to retrieval pieces of the Soul's Essence, unpack the layers upon layers of "stuff" and unhealthy messages toxic DNA encoding, society -ish, cultural norms, religious indoctrination, childhood narratives, etc. that you've received about growing up. Click here to learn more.

Sacred Healing Cleansing Services

Sacred Healing Cleansing Medicine is a Spiritual Cleansing offered in the form of water cleansing and fire purification. Each method helps to Release negative energy/inner-g, toxic emotions, through patterns and behaviors that contribute to disease and DIS-ease. Sacral Healing Cleansing Medicine also helps to release the hold of trauma that has been embedded with your DNA and muscle memory. It is also used to attract Love, Abundance, wealth, health, etc.

Sacred Ceremonial Services 

Sacral Soul Sacred Ceremonies are Infused with Sacred Spiritual Practices, Love affirmations and cultural traditions and rituals that support and honor the sacredness of your celebration. I work with you to masterfully co-create a once in a lifetime experience that Honors and Celebrates the Divinity of your sacred Ceremony whether its a commitment ceremony, marriage, civil partnership, baby blessings, house blessings, birth, divorce, birthday or something else! Click here to contact me for more information!

Sacred Healing Circles and Retreats

Sacred Healing Circles & Retreat are Created to Empower us with the tools to Walk Purposely & Intentionally in our  Authenticity by spiraling back into the WOMB space to Heal and be Reborn into our Authentic Soul's Purpose. Each Circle & Retreat includes activities, events, classes, etc that will push us beyond our comfort zone and help face their fears, unpack our traumas and wounds, undo ancestral imprints and so much more!  These medicinal events are limited to those of us who are really serious about Healing our Lineage while Changing our Legacy!

WOMB & Yoni Healing Services

Our WOMB holds record of ALL of our traumas and pains. She Desires to be Healed. She has a Voice! We must Honor her when she Speaks to us for Healing.  Sacral Soul WOMB and Yoni  services will help you spiral into the WOMB Space to help you  Heal, Cleanse, Recalibrate, and RE-Connect with the PowHer of your WOMB so that you can Embody your Authentic Soul Purpose. Click here to learn more.

Energy/INNER-G & DNA Activation


Sacral Soul Energy/INNER-G Healing is a SpiritFULL holistic practice that Activates the body's Loving Energy/INNER-G systems and DNA to help release and remove stagnant energy, ancestral imprints, DNA encoding, disease and DIS-ease so that the body, mind, Spirit and Soul can Heal. Click here to learn more.

Sacral Herbal Medicine & Healing

Sacral Herbal Medicine are herbal blends created to Heal! Each herbal blend is Created by me! Herbs are Chosen based on Healing Intentions. Each blend is Anointed  by Spirit through Sacred affirmations and infused with Love, Light and crystals PowHer and High Vibrational Energy/INNER-G. Custom herbal blends can also be curated based on your specific needs and/or Healing Intentions. Click here to learn more.

Sacred Sound & Movement 

Sacred Sound & Movement Medicine helps to change the way you experience Life by Activating and  Tapping into your DNA, Energy Field, brain receptors and body muscle memory, helping to Heal disease and DIS-ease. Sacred Sound & Movement also teaches you how to Flow with Breath to release stored and stagnant energy and emotion that has become stuck in your body.

Sacred Crystal & Gemstone Healing

Sacred Crystal and Gemstone Medicine uses the natural INNER-G and Healing PowHer of crystals and gemstones to Manifest Healing, Awaken and Activate the PowHer of the WOMB, Release stored emotions and trauma, Release stored energy/inner-g and so much more!

Sacred Healing Classes & Workshops

Sacred Healing Classes & Workshops areWhen you enroll in one of the Sacred classes, you begin a journey to changing your Life! These classes are not for the faint of heart! These classes are for women who are serious about unpacking their -ish, healing  and vibrating higher! I won't lie to you, it's not cute nor will it be pretty BUT the rewards will be absolutely beautiful! So, if you're ready to walk in your Authenticity and willing to do the work, then I hold that Sacred Space for you!  THIS will be one of the best investments in YOURSELF that you can make! Click here to register or learn more.

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