Sacred Ceremonies

"Above all Love is sacred"  ~Dr. TaMara

Allow Dr. TaMara to officiate and Bless your sacred ceremony as you begin your new journey of love and light together!  Sacral Soul Sacred Love Ceremonies are not a traditional, typical ceremony or experience! Sacred ceremonies are a one of a kind, personalized ceremony that will the honor and celebrate the couple's, Divine Light,  Soul Connection and truly capture the Energy/INNER-G of their moment while manifesting a Sacred Union that Transcends this LIFEtime and the next.

Sacral Soul Sacred Soul Ceremonies are infused with Sacred Intentions, Spiritual Practices, Love Affirmations and cultural traditions and Rituals that support and honor the Sacredness of your union. I work with you to create a once in a LIFEtime Experience as you unite with your Beloved in a Sacred Ceremony Honoring your Love, Light and Commitment to one another. 


There is no set structure for a Sacral Soul Sacred Ceremony. Each ceremony will be as unique and individual as you are . Contact me for more information regarding  how I can make your Sacred Soul Union, declaration of Love, special moment, celebration, etc. more Sacred and Meaningful. I also provide Sacred Soul Ceremonies for baby blessings, house blessings, birthing experiences  and more.