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Herbal Medicine


​Sacral Soul Blessed Blends are simply Magick!

Each herbal blend is created specifically for you! Herbs are Chosen based on your intentions. Each blend is anointed with sacred affirmations and infused with Love, Light, client intention and charged with  crystals and high vibrational energy. Each blend can take about 10-14 days to create depending on the cycle of the moon and availability of the herb.  No two herbal blends are the same,  just as no two people are the same. Sacral Soul Blessed Blends can be created to help ease and/or heal disease or DIS-ease.


All Sacred Blessed Blends products are original handmade, vegan friendly, body safe and made from  ALL-natural non-toxic ingredients. I allow each Blessed Blend to work its own natural magic! Contact me for your Sacral Soul  Blessed Blend.

Below is just a sample of the many Blessed Blends products! Visit Sacral Soul's Etsy Store to learn more about the Magick of all the products and to order pre-made blends or contact us at to order a custom blend

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