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Tap into your Divine Feminine PowHer and Flow....

This will be a virtual Meditation and Movement class. The class is a beautiful blend of sound vibration frequencies  low impact aerobic, mat Pilates and sensual movements. 


In THIS class we will:


  • Connect to The Womb Space

  • Open up the Sacral Chakra to access our Knowing and Authenticity 

  • Creating Fertility and Flow - Allowing for Flow if Abundance and Prosperity 

  • Connection to Gaia, Mother Earth for Grounding

  • Connection to Heart Chakra for strength in vulnerability 

  • Connection to our Solar Plexus for Self-Love and Self-Esteem 

  • Learning how to BE more present in our bodies and connect our senses - Embodiment 

  • Increased muscle tone, flexibility and core strengthening

  • Increases confidence and Self Love

  • Increase Prana or vital Life Force Energy

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

     and so much more!

Multiple Dates
Aug 31, 2021, 7:00 PM
Sacral Soul Ancient WOMB Medicine Online
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