Sacral Soul Sacred Services

Sacral Soul offers products and services designed to benefit the mind, body, spirit and soul in a variety of ways. Scroll down to learn about all of the Sacred Services.

Sacral Soul Courses

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  ~Unknown

Are you ready to dig deeper…

Do want to reconnect with your truth…

Are you ready to Remember who you are ...

Sacral class offerings are beautifully and Spirit-fully designed classes that will empower you on an individual and collective level  with knowledge, tools and skills to help you awaken, heal, and honor your authentic Self. Each class is intentionally created to facilitate deep transformation through the use of ancient ancestral practices, a variety of healing energy, techniques, western medical and scientific teachings. Learn how to cleanse, connect, calibrate and create the life you desire by harnessing the wisdom of your Womb and Divine Feminine Energy! Click here to learn more about Sacral Soul class offerings.

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Sacred Soul Ceremonies

"Above all Love... is sacred"  ~Dr. TaMara

Sacral Soul Sacred Ceremonies are infused with sacred spiritual practices, love affirmations and cultural traditions and rituals that support and honor the sacredness of your union. I work with you and your Beloved to masterfully co-create a once in a lifetime experience as you unite in a sacred ceremony that highlights your Love, Light and commitment to one another. I work with you to co-create a unique ceremony that honors and celebrates the Divinity of your sacred union.  


I also provide Sacred Soul Ceremonies for baby blessings, house blessings, birthing and so much more! Click here to learn more about Sacred Ceremonies

Contact me for more information regarding  how I can make your sacred soul union, special moment, celebration more scared and meaningful.

Card Reading/Rune Casting
Intuitive Messages

Are you ready to Receive Divine Guidance from Spirit and/or The Ancestors? Allow me to tap into the Spirit of the Divine to petition on your behalf and download a personal Message for you!

Sacral Soul Card Readings/Runs Casting and Divine Intuitive Messages are unlike any Reading that you may have received in the past. My method of  "Divining"  is truly Authentic and led by Spirit. I never truly Know how Spirit will show up or in what ways They will Communicate and Guide me.  Sometimes I AM Guided by Spirit to incorporate a variety of tools of Divination into a Reading, while other times I AM not.  Each Reading is so persona and unique! It's true a beautiful Process and Powerful Experience.

I offer a variety of Readings, to learn more or to Receive your Divine Message, click here.

Goddess Yoni Steam &
Other Womb Services

"Our womb holds the power! It is the gateway to creation, birth, and life!  We cannot bring forth healthy life with an unhealthy and  toxic womb"  ~Dr.TaMara

Our womb desires to be nurtured and loved.  Healing our womb is healing the spirit of our Divine Feminine Energy. Our womb has a name, a voice...we must honor her when she speaks.  Sacral Soul Goddess Steams and Womb Services will teach you how to cleanse, re-connect, recalibrate, and create with the Power of your womb. Goddess Steams also known as Vaginal Steams  or Yoni Steams is an ancient herbal method  practiced by our ancestors, medicine women, wise woman and healers, etc. for centuries.  Goddess Steams help to ease and/or eliminate Dis-ease and diseases of the womb.  My Goddess steam sessions involve much more than sitting over a pot of herbs. I create custom blends specific to your needs. During each session we tap into the power of your womb using a variety of healing tools and practices and sacred feminine energy.  Each steam service and/or steam package  is done within the comfort of your preferred location.  Services include: Goddess Yoni Steam, Crystal Womb Healing, Hot Stone Clay Wrap, Abdominal Stimulation Massage, Womb Detox, Womb  Rebirthing and Journaling. Contact me for more information about fertility coaching. Session are sacred and no nudity is ever involved. Click here to learn more about our Goddess Steam and Womb Services.

Sacred Birth Fertility Services

"The birth of a child should be celebrated in a way that honors the beauty and sacredness of life! They should be conferred and lifted up in the Spirit of love and light upon their entrance into the world! ~Dr. TaMara 


Sacred Birthing Services utilizes spiritual practices and rituals, love affirmations and cultural traditions of the ancestors to create a lasting memorable birth ceremony. From the moment that you find out that you're pregnant until the child is born, I walk along side of you supporting, educating, advocating, assisting and encouraging you throughout the entire journey and even after the baby is born. 


If you are not pregnant but desire to become pregnant, I can work with you to help ensure that your womb is healthy to increase the chances of fertility and healthy pregnancy.

Click here to learn more about how I may serve you through our  Sacred Birth Services.

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Sacral Blessed Blends
Herbs, Oils, Dolls & Stuff

Sacral Soul Blessed Blends are simply magick!

Each herbal blend is created specifically for you! Herbs are Chosen based on your intentions. Each blend is anointed with sacred affirmations and infused with Love, Light, client intention and charged with  crystals and high vibrational energy. Each blend can take about 10-14 days to create depending on the cycle of the moon and availability of the herb.  No two herbal blends are the same,  just as no two people are the same. Sacral Soul Blessed Blends can be created to help ease and/or heal disease or DIS-ease.


All Sacred Blessed Blends products are original handmade, vegan friendly, body safe and made from  ALL-natural non-toxic ingredients. I allow each Blessed Blend to work its own natural magic! Click here to contact me for your Sacral Soul  Blessed Blend.

Soul Guidance and Healing 

"In order to fully Become our Self, we must peel back the layers of our self " ~Dr. TaMara 


Sacral Soul Guidance and Healing are intuitive Spirit led sessions that help you to dig deep into the shadows of the soul! I work to empower folks with knowledge, tools and skill to help them heal their mind, body, spirit and soul! Using a variety of Divination tools, techniques and healing modalities, I help  you learn how to embody permission, forgiveness, healing as I guide you on a journey to discovery, exploration and celebration of healthy sexuality and embracing your ancestral wisdom and womb power. Together, we  unpack the layers upon layers of "stuff" and unhealthy messages, toxic DNA encoding, societal, cultural norms, religious indoctrination, childhood narratives, etc. that we've received about sexuality and ourselves growing up. I call it "unpacking your "-ish!" This is "SOUL" Work!


If you're ready to dig deep into the shadows if the Soul, click here to learn more about how I may serve you through intuitive and spiritual Soul Guidance.


Energy/INNER-G Healing

"When we allow the Universal Life Force to Flow Freely through us, we are able to heal and walk in our Authentic Power" ~Dr.TaMara

Tap into the Flow and Power of the Universe with Sacral Soul Energy/INNER-G Healing to reconnect to your Self, activate and Embody your True Power and Authenticity!


Sacral Soul Energy/INNER-G Healing is a SpiritFULL holistic practice that activates the body's Energy/INNER-G systems to help release and remove stagnant energy, ancestral imprints, DNA encoding, disease and DIS-ease so that the body, mind, Spirit and Soul can heal.


If you're Ready to come Flow with me, click here to learn more about Sacral Soul Energy/INNER-G Healing!