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Soul  Self   Love  Offering

Unapologetically Loving your Self with Grace through All your Stages and Phases of life

Grungy Grey Line


Hey my Loves! Have you been wondering and asking yourself the following questions:

  • How did I get here and how in the world did I lose mySelf?

  • Where does the Courage come from to walk away from it all to find mySelf?

  • How do I become confident enough to forego the societal norms, cultural mores, antiquated beliefs, and traditions so that we can live out loud and on purpose?  

  • How do I live LIFE on our terms without sacrificing too much of myself in my relationships?

  • Where do I find the strength to say F! That and step out boldly and audaciously into Loving mySelf again? 


and most importantly.....How do I to begin to Love mySelf again?

If you’re like me, you’ve asked these questions a million times.  Well guess what? I’ve finally found the answer! I Committed to mySelf and made the Decision to take MY Life back! I learned to say F! That! I refused to shrink! I refused to secure anyone else's mask without first securing mine and I began Loving mySelf - ALL of mySelf, Audaciously, Unapologetically and Unfiltered without any regrets! I Made the INVESTMENT in ME without looking back!

This my Love's is a Radical and Courageous Act of Self-Love! 


If you're Ready to Walk away from all the B.S. that you have allowed to make you question yourSelf, your worth and not Love yourSelf  the way you should....If you're Ready to Love Deeply without sacrificing yourSelf,  then you ARE definitely in the RIGHT Place! My Exclusive VIP Heart Centered Unapologetic Soul Self Love Offering is Created Specifically for YOU!  

"My Loves,  we have existed under layers of fear for so long,  we have have forgotten who we are until now!  IT'S TIME TO RISE LIKE A PHOENIX from the ashes to reclaim ourSelves and Love ourSelves Unapologetically with Audacity, regardless of what them, they and the others have to say!  IT's TIME TO EMBODY THE SPIRIT OF THE DIVINE SELF LOVE"...Dr TaMara

The Sacral Soul Ancestral Healing & Ancient WOMB Wellness Exclusive VIP Soul Self Love Offering is an EXCLUSIVE 13 week HIGH Value, Heart Centered Offering that Lovingly Guides you into Walking back IN Love with your most Authentic and Unapologetic Self! Through the Space of Grace, Forgiveness and Healing work, you Connect with your Self in a way that you have never Connected before. In doing so, you Will Increase your Frequency and Vibrate on a Higher Level thus helping you to Manifest the Divine Self Love and Life you so Desire!

The way I see it Beloved, you can continue to shrink and exist under the layers of unhealthy womb and heart messages and other -ish that have been encoded in our DNA from even before childhood OR you can make an Intentional decision TODAY  to strip yourself bare of all encoding and attachments and begin your Radical and Courageous Soul Self Love Journey into the Divine! For this my Love is where Healing, Discovery, Exploration, Celebration of Self and Love resides. In doing so, you Transmute your pain into Unconditional Love as your Divine Feminine PowHer Unfolds, you will Begin to Live your Life  Aligned with your Spirit, Truth and In Soul Love....

This PowHerFull and Immersive Experience will forever Change your Life by Healing your Lineage as well as Transforming your Legacy! You will be GrateFULL that you decided to Embody this Radical Act of Self Love by Investing in yourSelf!


ITs time to take YOUR FIRST STEP!!!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

So how does the Offering work?????

What I Do.....

I Show you how to Love and Live Deeply without sacrificing yourSelf by Serving as a Guide and Helping you to Dig Deep into the Shadows of the Soul (WOMB) to Embody Self Love, unapologetically,  without shame and guilt! I Assist you in helping to unpack the layers upon layers of "-ish" and unhealthy messages, narratives and conditioning that we've received growing up. I call it "Unpacking your "-ish!" This is "SOUL" Work!

I Assist you in the Healing, Integration and Immersion of your mind, body, Spirit and Soul! I show you how to Give yourself and Self the permission to Forgive, Heal, Re-member, Exploration, Honor and Celebrate your Authentic Self.....the Self that you were before you incarnated into this physical realm!

How I Do It

I help you INNERstand and  understand the Importance of Self-Love and Securing your Mask FIRST before Assisting others. This is done through Connecting with the PowHer of theWOMB Space. I Teach you how our WOMB impacts every dimension (mental, emotional, spiritual, biochemical, energetical, social, financial, legal, institutional, political, historical, ancestral, physical, etc.) of our lives and how the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religion, etc. impacts these dimensions. We Spiral into the WOMB Space and Navigate with Grace through each Dimension exploring wounds, traumas and their impact, including the disease and DISease, it has  created in your Life.  My Spirit led Intuitive Medicine is Honest, Raw and Authentic! It’s Healing! I keep it 100% real! We Spiral In and Dig Deep until we Expose and Pull Up the root! 


The Medicine and Healing modalities/practices that I use include: Platicas/Heart Talks, WOMB Healing i.e. yoni Steam, Mayan abdominal Clay wrap, WOMB Candling, Fertility Stimulation, Birthing Doula,  Divination, Energy/INNER-G Healing, Dance, Sound Resonance, Art Therapy, Nature and Natural Attunement/Alignment, Honoring the Sacred Elements, Directions and Celestial Bodies, Breath work, Plant And Crystal Medicine, Rituals, Ceremonies, Blessings, Limpias, Soul Retrieval’s and so much more. My work has the PowHer to Transform Lives!

The Beautiful Thing about ALL of this is.....My Commitment to YOU!

I AM Here with you through the ENTIRE Journey!  I AM Guiding you, Walking with you, Teaching you and Championing your Healing and Growth! 

Is the Soul Self Love Offering for me?????

The Soul Love Offering IS for you if.....

  • you want to Love yourSelf Unapologetic

  • you want to BE who you are!

  • you want more Peace, Joy, Abundance & Prosperity in your Life

  • you are Ready to Heal your wounds and traumas

  • you are Ready to break intergenerational patterns, societal narratives, beliefs, and thoughts that have not Served your Highest Good

  • you want to leave behind the poverty consciousness mindset and Empower your relationship with money

  • want to Heal your body from disease and DISease

  • you are Ready to Own your PowHer Unapologetically

  • you want to stop the negative narratives and self talk

  • you want to Live a more Heart Centered Life

  • you are Ready to make the BIGGEST Change of YOUR LIFE! 

  • you want to Manifest the Life you so Desire 

  • you are Ready to Live more Intentionally and Authentically

  • you are Ready to make an Investment in yourSelf

The Soul Love Offering  IS NOT for you if.....

  • you are NOT Ready to TOTALLY Invest in yourSelf

  • you can not commit to 13 weeks

  • you are NOT Ready to make a Radical Shift in how you Love yourSelf

  • you are NOT Ready to Face and Unpack your -ish

  • you are NOT Ready to become Accountable for yourself and Self

  • you are NOT Ready to Dig Deep to Pull up the root of the disease and DIS-ease in your Life

  • you are NOT Ready to take the necessary Actions to assist you in your Healing and Growth 

  • you are over committed to other things, people, projects, relationships, etc. in your life

  • You Do NOT consider this a TOP Priority in your Life

  • You are NOT Ready to let go of the old framing, conditioning, narratives, old stories, etc.

  • You are NOT Ready to put in the work and just want a quick fix

  • you are FULL of excuses and/or reasons why you can't....

Your Investment..... 


  • Energy/INNER-G Exchange: $1111.00

  • 13 week Time Commitment 

  • Open Heart, Open Mind, Transparent Spirit 

What you Receive from me.....

  • 13 - 50 minute Sessions (1 session per week) 

  • Healing Sessions from various medicinal Healing Modalities that I use including but not limited to..Heart Talks, breath work, sound medicine, herbal medicine, crystal medicine, etc.

  • One (1) Energy/INNER-G cleansing medicine

  • One (1) Chakra Opening & Alignment

  • One (1) Self Loving Welcome Box

  • Unlimited email support

  • Limited phone support 

  • Healing assignments and activities

  • Materials and Resources to support your  Growth & Transformation

  • 10% off Sacral Soul Ancient WOMB Herbal Medicine

  • Unconditional Love and Guidance

  • Mentorship

  • My 30+ years of working with and empowering women