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Spirit of The Divine Feminine 

...Because It's Our Story

We are at a very powerful and LIFE-changing moment in history! The Spirit of The Divine Feminine is awakening! My Beloved, we are being called to Rise!  We are being called to remind the world that we are here! We are being called to connect with our authentic presence! We are being called to restore balance to a world where a system of patriarchal dominance has not served us...and the time is NOW for us to release those things that are no longer serving us!


For hundreds of  years, patriarchal dominance, society, religion, family, culture, race, etc. has told us how we should think, feel, move and live. It has taught us how to embody this superficial, unhealthy, idealized image of who we are.  These things have placed us in box, that did not leave much room for variation, validation or acceptance. In fact, it has contributed to the trauma and unhealthy layers upon layers of -ish! We have become so disconnect from our authentic Divine Feminine Nature! We have become bogged down by patriarchal systems of belief that have created layers of dissonance, self-betrayal, lack of worthiness, guilt, shame, abandonment, hurt, rejection, abuse, etc. These heinous trauma(s) have left many of us are afraid to speak out because for centuries because we have not felt safe to openly embody who we are and share our connection to The Spirit of The Divine Feminine.  It’s no wonder many why so many of us  are unhappy and/or  not living the lives they truly desire to live.

My Beloved, it STOPS HERE! IT STOPS TODAY!  I hold that space for YOU and for US! 


Our presence, our aliveness, our beauty, our sensuality, our Light is inherent to who we are! However because we have existed under layers of fear for so long,  we have have forgotten who we are until now!  IT'S TIME TO RISE LIKE A PHOENIX from the ashes to reclaim ourSelves and embody our ancient womb and heart wisdom!  IT's TIME TO EMBODY THE SPIRIT OF THE DIVINE FEMININE!

The way I see it Beloved, we can continue to exist under the layers of unhealthy womb and heart messages and -ish that have been encoded in our DNA from childhood OR we can make an intentional decision today to strip ourselves bare of all encoding and attachments and begin our journey into the unknown...into the shadows! This is where forgiveness, healing, discovery, exploration and celebration resides. In doing so, we transmute our pain into unconditional Love! Only once we return to the shadows of our Soul to access our inner Knowing, ancient wisdom and womb and heart power will we begin to watch our feminine magic unfold, our Purpose unfold and begin to live a life aligned with our Spirit and truth....


This is where the Spirit of The Divine Feminine Course, come in…

The Spirit of The Divine Feminine is great for those who want to stand unapologetically in their POWER!  The class is for those who are truly committed to unpacking their -ish healing and moving past all the layers of stuff that's been holding them back, so that they can own their the ancient wisdom and power of their womb and heart! This class is for those who are ready to sit with the paradoxes of the unknown, while trusting and allowing the flow of The Spirit of The Divine Feminine to guide them.

The Spirit of The Divine Feminine is NOT about how to teach others about sex or starting a business about sex, although it can help. It's about YOU and your healing! It's about unpacking your -ish! It's focused on learning more about who you are beyond the physical dimension of sexuality. It's much deeper than an orgasm! Yes, we will talk about that but this class is so much MORE than that! It's Soul stirring deep! It's remembering who you are beyond the layers and trauma! It's a radical act of Self-Love, Self-Accountability and Sovereignty! There's not a program like this out here! The Spirit of The Divine Feminine will change YOUR life, lineage and you legacy!

Topics include but are not limited too:

  • Embodying The Divine Feminine

  • Understanding our womb power

  • Trauma and healing

  • Forgiveness

  • Rebirthing

  • Overcoming old scripts and narratives

  • Chakra healing and balancing

  • What it means to truly embody your sexuality

  • The real deal about sexual empowerment

  • How to take care of your sexual health

  • Why women have sex

  • How to embody our sexuality in a patriarchal society 

  • Changing the Narrative


.....and more

Spirit of The Divine Feminine Course is an online course that is available for you to take  in your own time.

Your investment in the Spirit of The Divine Feminine Course includes:


  1. 1 -  ONLINE/TELEPHONE 1:1 sessions with me 

  2. Unlimited access to VIP private Facebook group 

  3. A supportive group of beautiful Sage Souls women who want to see you win

  4. Unlimited access to my depth and breath of knowledge Increase womb wisdom and power

  5. Increased in self-love 

  6. More confidence in your sexual self! 

  7. Increase intimacy with your relationships 

  8. Increased sexual pleasure

  9. The ability to manifest the LIFE YOU desire 


I promise you, this will be one of the absolute BEST investments you have made in YOURSELF! I know it’s a bold and courageous promise, but I stand by my word, as long as you’re willing to do the work!


I know it can be difficult to step outside of our comfort zone but let me assure you, you are NOT alone! There is a amazing SisterTribe of beautiful Sage Souls, including myself, walking with you, supporting you and rooting for you to win! You got this! Now all you have to do is make the first click, and I’ll guide you from there!

Energy Exchange/Cost: $222.22

**Payment options available.** Please feel free to contact me at or 404-594-4187 if you have any questions! 

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