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I wonder what would happen if I Felt Free to Reside in my PowHer and Live out my Souls Purpose? 


Held deep within the WOMB Space is our individual and Collective Consciousness!  It holds all the memories and pain that contributes the suppression of our Divine Feminine PowHer and Authenticity. We carry these traumas and wounds from our ancestral lineage. We have carried these  traumas and wounds for generations. These deeply embedded memories and pain contributes to the current condition of our WOMB SpaceIt's embodied in our Energy/Inner-G. It lives in the words we speak, the way we think, the actions we take, the relationships that we have with ourSelves, others, money and so much more.


It lives inside our body, in our DNA, cells, blood, tissues, organs...our WOMB, our root. We need to spiral in Deep to the WOMB Space to find the root cause of the traumas and wounds so that we can nurture them and Heal them. If we aren't aware of our traumas and wounds and/or we fail to Connect with them, they reside within our unconsciousness guiding our behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about who we are and the world around us.  It also keeps us stagnant and/or stuck in repeated cycles of patterns and behaviors as well as unnecessary manifested struggles.

Spiraling into the WOMB Space Allows us to Learn where the traumas and wounds live within us so that we can hear its story, acknowledge its pain and utilize our WOMB PowHer to Heal. It is from this Space that we Embody our PowHer, Own our Authenticity and Walk in our Soul's Purpose! This Healing work begins by Connecting to and Activating our WOMB

The WOMB Activation Masterclass is Created to Teach us how to begin this Radical and PowHerFULL work!

Is The WOMB Activation Masterclass for me???

The WOMB Activation Masterclass is great for those who are truly Committed to Connecting to their WOMB Space, Unpacking their -ish, Healing and Moving past all the layers of stuff that's been holding them back, so that they can own their PowHer, Experience their Authenticity and Vibrate and Operate from their Highest SelfIt is also great for those who are Ready to Learn more about who are able to Move beyond the physical dimension of our WOMB Space. It's much Deeper than an orgasm! It's so much MORE than that! It's Soul Deep! It's Remembering who YOU are Beyond the layers and trauma! ! There's not a masterclass like this out here! The WOMB Activation Masterclass WILL Change YOUR Life and your Legacy!


During the WOMB Activation Masterclass, we will discuss topics include but are not limited too:

  • Embodying the Divine Feminine

  • Understanding our womb power

  • Trauma and healing

  • Forgiveness

  • Womb activation

  • Understanding womb wounds

  • Cleanse the womb space

  • Reclibrate

  • Reconnect to the womb space

  • Self care

  • Consistency 

.....and more

The Energy/INNER-G exchange to participate in the WOMB Activation Masterclass is a Commitment to your Self, an Open Heart and Vulnerability

I know it can be difficult to step outside of our comfort zone but let me assure you, you are NOT alone! There is a amazing SisterTribe of beautiful women, including myself, walking with you, supporting you and rooting for you to win! You got this! Now all you have to do is make the first click, and I’ll guide you from there!

WOMB Activation Masterclass
Dec 16, 2021, 7:00 PM EST
Sacral Soul Ancestral Healing ONLINE

FREE Ticket

Don't MISS out on this Life changing Class

The WOMB Wisdom Activation Masterclass starts in.......

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