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WOMB Healing Training, Guidance & Mentorship Program

For hundreds of years, patriarchal dominance, society, religion, family, culture, race, etc. has told us how we should think, feel, move and live. It has taught us how to embody this superficial, unhealthy, idealized image of who we are as women. These things have placed us in a box, that does not leave much room for variation, validation or acceptance. In fact, it has contributed the trauma and unhealthy layers upon layers of     -ish we have experienced! We have become so disconnect from our WOMB, our Authentic Divine Feminine Nature! We have become bogged down by patriarchal systems of belief that have created layers of dissonance, self-betrayal, lack of worthiness, guilt, shame, abandonment, hurt, rejection, abuse, etc.


These heinous trauma(s) have left many of us afraid to speak out because for centuries we have not felt safe to openly embody who we truly are as Divine! It’s no wonder why so many of us are unhappy and/or not living the lives we truly desire. We are at a very powerful and LIFE-changing moment in history! The WOMB is waking and calling out to The Spirit of The Divine Feminine! My Beloved, we are being called to Rise! We are being called to remind the world that we are here! We are being called to connect with our Authentic presence! We are being called to restore balance to a world where a system of patriarchal dominance has not served us! And NOW is the time for us to release those things that are no longer serving us! My Beloved, it STOPS HERE! IT STOPS TODAY! I hold that space for YOU and for US!

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IT'S TIME TO RISE LIKE A PHOENIX from the ashes to REclaim ourSelves and Embody our Ancient WOMB Wisdom! Will you Answer THE CALL to Heal yourSelf and others????


Soul WOMB Healer Training, Guidance & Mentorship Program IS FOR YOU!!

Join a Sisterhood of PowHerFULLY Divine Yoni Steam Practitioners who are helping women Heal by Honoring the PowHer of their WOMB Space through the Ancient Wisdom of yoni steaming! 

Sacral Soul Ancient WOMB Medicine & Wellness WOMB Healer Training, Guidance and Mentorship Certificate Program is completely different than any other WOMB Healer training program out there! It is completely led and Guided by Spirit, The Most High! As I AM just the Vehicle, the Guide! I will be utilizing Ancient Methods, Traditions, and Wisdom of our Ancestors and Spirit Her Most High!


THIS program for those who are seriously committed to making an INVESTment in themSelves, their Purpose and the Embodiment of their Gifts! Not only will you learn the Ancient Wisdom of yoni steaming but MORE importantly, you will  learn more about YOU...Healing your lineage and Changing your Legacy! And as you Heal, you Help to Heal those around you! 

The Sacral Soul Ancient WOMB Medicine & Wellness WOMB Healer Training, Guidance and Mentorship Certificate Program is based off my latest book WOMB and grounded in 30 plus years of human sexuality, social work and mental health academic training, professional and personal life experiences! This PowHerFULL program will offers the opportunity to glean the knowledge, skills and tools for learning how to Embody their Authentic PowHer while learning a viable and highly in-demand skill to make additional INCOME and  help other Beautiful Souls Heal!! 


The program is completely virtual! 

What You'll Learn.....

  • Understand the Power and Ancient Wisdom of the Womb

  • The Effects of Patriarchal Dominance

  • The Anatomy of the WOMB Space

  • Waking & Healing the WOMB

  • Honoring the Spiritual Path

  • Honoring the Divine Feminine Energy

  • Divination & Spiritual Gifts

  • The Anatomy of Healing

  • Healing Tools and Modalities

  • Ancestral Connection & Veneration 

  • Spirituality, Faith, Religion

  • The Power of the 4s

  • The Chakra System  & Energy

  • WOMB Wounds

  • Power of the Moon

  • Power of Manifestation

  • Building a Sustainable Yoni Steam Practice

  • Healing Modalities and Healing Tools

  • WOMB Cleansing, Clearing and Re-Calibration


and so much more!

Your Return on INVESTment.....

​By participating in the WOMB Healer Training, Guidance & Mentorship Program, you will​

  • Learn the ancient art of  Yoni Steaming

  • Increase your Income

  • Help other women Heal

  • Reconnect with your WOMB Space

  • Heal layers of trauma(s),

  • Remove old layers of conditioning, narratives, and framing that have kept you stuck

  • Learn to Truly Love yourself and your Self Unconditionally and Unapologetically

  • Find your Soul’s Authentic Purpose

  • Identify Gifts and Talents

  • Break patterns of behaviors, thoughts and limiting beliefs

  • DNA Activation

  • Experience Chakra Opening, Balancing and Alignment

  • Learn tools and resource for Healing

  • Heal disease and DISease within you body

  • Undo ancestral histories of unhealthy and toxic DNA encoding

  • Think with your Heart and Feel with your mind

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Feel great in your body

  • Heal your lineage and Change your legacy

  • Join a SisterTribe of Women Healing the world on WOMB at a time


and so much more

Spiral into the WOMB

What you Receive from me.....


  • 13 - 50 minute Sessions 

  • Healing Sessions from various medicinal Healing Modalities that I use including but not limited to..Heart Talks, breath work, sound medicine, herbal medicine, Energy/INNER-G cleansing medicine, crystal medicine, etc.

  • Unlimited email support

  • Limited phone support 

  • Healing assignments and activities

  • Materials and Resources to support your  Growth & Transformation

  • 10% off Sacral Soul Ancient WOMB Herbal Medicine

  • Unconditional Love and Guidance

  • Mentorship

  • My 30+ years of working with and empowering women 

Energy Exchange: $1300.00

**Payment options available** Option 1: Two (2) payments of $650.00 or Option 2: Four (4) payments of $325.  

****ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE PROGRAM UNLESS YOU OPT FOR ONE (1) or the TWO (2) AUTOMATIC PAYMENT OPTIONS.  As long as you are enrolled in an automatic payment plan, you can start the program. However if a payment is missed you will not be able to participate in any sessions until payment is received. If a payment is returned you will be assessed a $25.00 returned payment fee in addition to the regular payment and you will not be able to participate in any session until the full missed payment in addition to the $25.00 fee is received. **

This Program IS NOT for you if.....

  • you are NOT Ready to TOTALLY Invest in yourSelf

  • you can NOT commit to 13 sessions

  • you are NOT Ready to Learn a new skill to make more income

  • you are NOT Ready to take the necessary Actions to assist you in your Healing and Growth 

  • you are over committed to other things, people, projects, relationships, etc. in your Life

  • You are NOT Ready to let go of the old framing, conditioning, narratives, old stories, etc.

  • You are NOT Ready to Assist other women in Healing

  • You are NOT Ready to Live your Purpose and Create an Abundant Mindset

  • you are FULL of excuses and/or reasons why you can't....

  • you are NOT Ready for the PowHer & Responsibility that comes with Operating within the WOMB Space

Shadow on Concrete Wall
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