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Sacral Soul ’s WOMB PowHer Tribe is a Transformative Experience for your mind, body, Spirit and Soul that affords you the opportunity to learn, heal and Indulge and IN joy high quality services and products that are Divinely Sourced, curated with Love and the PowHer and Energy of Spirit, Her Most High and The Ancestors. 


Curated by Sacral Soul’s certified Sacred Sexologist, Clinical Sex Therapist and Ancestral WOMB Healer Dr. TaMara, the WOMB PowHer Tribe is an exclusive and highly selective offering that is designed specifically to help women heal their WOMB and to emPowHer Women to walk FULLY in their Soul’s Purpose and Authenticity. 

The Sacral Soul WOMB PowHer Tribe Subscription offers three (3) monthly membership options to choose from. Each subscription option includes two (2) WOMB PowHer workshop! Additional subscription options include the opportunity to receive a monthly session with Dr. TaMara and/or a Blessed Blend of products including but not limited too: candles, crystals, bath salts, body butters, oils, tips, books and so much more.


“I believe that our PowHer is derived and supported by how vulnerable yet confident and unapologetic we feel in our mind, body, Spirit and Soul. The Sacral Soul WOMB PowHer Subscription services and products are specifically designed to Cultivate, Embody, Celebrate and Honor that PowHer!” ~Dr. TaMara Rose



WOMB PowHer Tribe Subscription Options:

60 day Introductory Special Pricing 

**prices subject to change after introductory special**



Introductory Special Price: $22.00 (Monthly) $237 (Annually) 

Regular Price: $35.00 (Monthly) $378 (Annually) 


What’s Included:

  • Access to monthly workshop sessions only 


WOMB PowHer Plus 

Introductory Special Price: $44.00 (Monthly) $475 (Annually) 

Regular Price: $60.00 (Monthly) $648.00 (Annually)


What’s Included:

  • Access to monthly workshops 

  • One (1) monthly subscription box with products



Introductory Special Price: $77.00 (Monthly) $831 (Annually)

Regular Price: $90 (Monthly) $972 (Annually)


What’s Included:

  • Access to monthly workshops. First class begins Saturday, November 19th at 10:00 AM! You can choose to participate on Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM EST or Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST. You will also 

    receive 20% off any special event ceremonies. 

  • One (1) monthly subscription box with products

  • One (1) 30 minute individual session with Dr. TaMara


Also as a member, in addition to the monthly product subscription box you’ll receive exclusive discounts to any Sacral Soul events, to purchase any Sacral Soul services and products and you’ll receive an exclusive social media banner to display on your social media pages.


I'm interested..... so how does it work?


  1. Choose Your Plan. Find the perfect subscription for you, starting from just $22.00 per month.

  2. Get your Box! Curated products, chosen by our experts. Delivered to you on a monthly basis.

  3. Join the Sacral Soul Community! Become an official WOMB PowHer Influencer, with other Beautiful Souls worldwide championing the WOMB PowHer Movement.


The Deets


When is my card charged?

Your card is charged when you enroll, so your first welcome box is prepaid. It is charged again each date of the month, depending on what you select when you auto enroll into the program. 


What happens if I miss my monthly workshop?

All monthly workshops are recorded. If you have to miss a workshop, please let us know as soon as possible. We will forward you a passcode protected link to view the missed workshop.


What happens if I miss my monthly session with Dr. TaMara?

If you miss your session with Dr. TaMara, you will have the opportunity to reschedule. However, after consecutive missed monthly sessions, you will unfortunately forfeit your ability to reschedule. Discretion, due to certain circumstances will be taken into consideration by Dr. TaMara.


How often do I receive my subscription box?

Boxes are sent monthly to the address on file. If you move or change addresses, it is your responsibility to update your file. Sacral Soul is not responsible for boxes sent to the incorrect address as a result of failure to update files with current address. 


When do I find out what is in my box?

Follow Sacral Soul on social media or email for exciting reveals before your box ships. Revel in the surprise of the full box when it arrives!


How much is shipping?

Shipping is available to the 48 contiguous United States and is $10.00 per box.


Can I send a box as a gift?

Sure thing! If you would like to send a gift box, please contact us and we will curate a WOMB Wisdom box specifically tailored to your needs. It will not be the exact box as the WOMB Wisdom Subscription box because those boxes are specifically reserves for our exclusive membership program. 


How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by logging into your account or contacting Sacral Soul at 404-491-9103 or WOMBwisdombox@Sacral If you contact us to cancel after your selected billing cycle, you will be billed during that billing cycle and cancelled after that cycle is completed. 


If I refer someone to the WOMB Wisdom Subscription Program will I receive a referral fee?

Absolutely! If you refer someone to the WOMB Wisdom Subscription Program and they sign-up, you’ll earn points and receive WOMB Wisdom coupons and/or discounts that can be redeemed at our in-person or virtual events, or online at Sacral WOMB on Etsy.

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