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Womb Wounds

Healing Our Mamma and Daddy Drama

We are NOT our parents! We are NOT their stories! We are NOT their traumas!


As children we do not have much control over what happens to us. We are dependent on our parents and/or other caregivers to take care of us, mold us and guidance us. In most cases, they try to do the best they can. However what we do not realize until we become adults, is that our parents, our caregivers, other adults in our lives did the best they could to provide for and guide us within the lens of surviving or living through their own personal traumas. Is this an excuse? No, it just fact!

Our parents, caregivers and other adults in our lives came into this world just as we did, through the lens of someone else's traumas and life experiences. Depending upon how those traumas or experiences were managed, determined how they shaped our mama, daddy, caregivers and other adults. Because the negative intergenerational cycle or what we sometimes refer to as "curse" may not have been broken, these unhealthy narratives were passed down to us. Well My's the good news! As adults, we have control over our lives! We have the control to change the narrative and to create a new story! We have the power to discard those things, experiences, people, etc. that are no longer serving us. We have the power to release ourSelves. But how do we do this, you ask? We do it breaking the healing our womb wounds.

During this insightful and LIFE-changing workshop, you'll learn

  • How your birth story has shaped your foundation

  • How your mama, daddy and other caregivers drama has been passed down to you

  • Reasons it's important to break the cycle and heal the womb wound

  • Why many of us won't do this work

  • The cost of not healing the womb wound

  • How the womb wound prevents us from walking in our authenticity

  • Ways we carry the wound womb and how it shows up in our lives

  • How to begin healing the womb wounds


and so much more...


If you're ready to do some powerful LIFE-changing work that will break the cycle, change your lineage and empower your legacy, then this workshop is for YOU!


Disclaimer: This workshop is NOT for the faint of heart! This workshop is going to trigger you and  loving push you to an uncomfortable space for healing and growth! 

Give yourSelf the permission to heal your womb wound, own your power and walk in your authenticity!


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