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Are you Ready to Spiral Deeper into your Spiritual Path?

Are you Ready to Explore and Connect with your Ancestral Lineage?

Are you Ready to Break ancestral patterns, narratives, and conditioning that's holding you back from Living the Life you so Desire to Live?

Do you Desire to Embody your Feminine Magick?

Are you Willing to Honor and Uphold the Feminine Mysteries of T

he Universe with the Support of a Sacred Sisterhood?


If you answered YES to any of those questions.....then the Sacral Soul Divine Feminine WOMB WellnessWOMBniversity Sacred Mentorship and Guidance Offering is exactly what you NEED to Help you Learn how to Embody your Magick!!   This 9 week Female Magickal Mentorship & Guidance Program is for those who are seriously committed to making an INVESTment in themSelves, their Purpose and the Embodiment their Spiritual Gifts! Not only will you Learn and Receive the Ancient Wisdom and Guidance  of  The Ancestors, you will  learn more about YOU...Healing your lineage, your Legacy and your World. 

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IT'S TIME TO RISE LIKE A PHOENIX from the ashes to REclaim ourSelves and Embody our Ancient Wisdom and Guidance of the Ancestors! Will you Answer THE CALL to Deepen The Connection as you Walk in your Purpose and Gifts?

If you’re like me, you’ve asked these questions a million times! You've sorted through lots of materials, Google searches and books trying to find THE Answers only to find was more confusing, overwhelming and left you with even more answers! So what did I do????? I cried out to Spirit, Her Most High for The Answers! And baaaaaybay They Responded and Lead me down a Spiral into the WOMB Space which Turned into THE MOST ABSOLUTELY POWHERFULL and MAGICKAL JOURNEY I could ever fathom with my limited human mind! And here I AM today...Embodying and Walking IN my Authentic Soul's Purpose! 


For hundreds of years, patriarchal dominance, society, religion, family, culture, race, etc. has told us how we should think, feel, move and live. It has taught us how to embody this superficial, unhealthy, idealized image of who we are as women. These things have placed us in a box, that does not leave much room for variation, validation or acceptance. In fact, it has contributed the trauma and unhealthy layers upon layers of --ish we have experienced! We have become so disconnect from our WOMB, our Authentic Divine Feminine Nature! We have become bogged down by patriarchal systems of belief that have created layers of dissonance, self-betrayal, lack of worthiness, guilt, shame, abandonment, hurt, rejection, abuse, etc.


These heinous trauma(s) have left many of us afraid to Speak out because for centuries we have not felt safe to openly Embody who we Truly Are as Divine! It’s no wonder why so many of us are unhappy and/or not living the lives we Truly Desire. We are at a very POWHERFULL and LIFE-Changing Moment in history! The WOMB is Waking and Calling out to The Spirit of The Divine Feminine! My Beloved, we are Being Called to Rise! We ARE Being Called to remind the world that we ARE here! We ARE Being Called to Connect with our Authentic Presence and PowHER! We ARE Being Called to Restore Balance to a world where a system of patriarchal dominance has not served us! And NOW is the Divine Time for us to Release those things that are no longer serving us! My Beloved, it STOPS HERE! IT STOPS TODAY! I hold that space for YOU and for US in The WOMBniverse!!! YOU ARE BEING CALLED IN!!!

  • you want to leave behind the poverty consciousness mindset and Empower your relationship with money

  • want to Heal your body from disease and DISease

  • you are Ready to Own your PowHer Unapologetically

  • you are Ready to Learn and Embody your Soul's Purpose

  • you are Ready to say goodbye to your old way of living

  • you have had an Awakening and you're Ready to Dig Deeper

  • Align with your  PowHer, Magick and Energy/INNER-G

  • you want to stop the negative narratives and self talk

  • you want to Live a more Heart Centered Life

  • you are Ready to make the BIGGEST Change of YOUR LIFE! 

  • you are Ready to Live more Intentionally and Authentically

  • you are Ready to make an Investment in yourSelf

  • Ready to Challenge the current society narratives, indoctrination, dogma and rhetoric of patriarchal dominance

  • Ready to Heal your Lineage and Change your Legacy

 ​This Offering is for you if you are.....

  • Ready to Commit to yourSelf and your Spiritual Lifestyle

  • Ready to Deepen your Spiritual Practices

  • Ready to Connect MORE Intentionally and Meaningfully with your Ancestors

  • Ready to Learn more about WHO YOUR TRULY ARE

  • you want to Connect or Connect more Deeply with your Ancestors

  • you Feel a Deeper and Higher Purpose on your Life

  • you want to heal yourSelf and your lineage

  • you're Ready to Change your Legacy

  • you want to Love yourSelf Unapologetic

  • you want to BE who you are!

  • you want more Peace, Joy, Abundance & Prosperity in your Life

  • you are Ready to Heal your wounds and traumas

  • you are Ready to break intergenerational patterns, societal narratives, beliefs, and thoughts that have not Served your Highest Good

This Offering IS NOT for you if.....

  • you are NOT Ready to TOTALLY Invest in yourSelf

  • you can not commit to nine (9) sessions

  • you are NOT Ready to Delve into the Spiritual Realm

  • you are NOT Ready to Learn about your Ancestral lineage

  • you are NOT Ready to Face and Unpack your -ish

  • you are NOT Ready to become Accountable for yourself and Self

  • you are NOT Ready to Dig Deep to Pull up the root of the disease and DIS-ease in your Life

  • you are NOT Ready to take the necessary Actions to assist you in your Healing and Growth 

  • you are over committed to other things, people, projects, relationships, etc. in your life

  • You Do NOT consider this a TOP Priority in your Life

  • You are NOT Ready to let go of the old framing, conditioning, narratives, old stories, etc.

  • You are NOT Ready to put in the work and just want a quick fix

  • You are NOT Ready to Live your Purpose and Create an Abundant Mindset

  • You are NOT Ready to Honor and Uphold the Feminine Mysteries of The Universe with the Support of a Sacred Sisterhood?

Your Return on INVESTment.....

​By participating in the WOMBniversity  Mentorship & Guidance Program, you will​

  • Deepen your Relationship and Connection to your Ancestral lineage

  • *Learn more about the PowHer of your lineage

  • *Heal your lineage and Change your legacy

  • *Reconnect with your WOMB Space

  • *Heal layers of trauma(s),

  • *Remove old layers of conditioning, narratives, and framing that have kept you stuck

  • *Learn to Truly Love yourself and your Self Unconditionally and Unapologetically

  • *Find your Soul’s Authentic Purpose

  • *Identify Gifts and Talents

  • *Break patterns of behaviors, thoughts and limiting beliefs

  • *Heal disease and DISease within you 

  • Heal disease and DISease within you body

  • Undo ancestral histories of unhealthy and toxic DNA encoding

  • Think with your Heart and Feel with your mind

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Feel great in your body

  • Heal your lineage and Change your legacy

  • Join a SisterTribe of Women  Embodying their Divine Feminine Magick and Healing the world on WOMB at a time

What You'll Learn.....

  • Understand the Power and Ancient Wisdom of the Womb

  • Identity work - Your foundation

  • Spiritual, Faith, Belief  Religion - spiritual false identities feelings and discernment 

  • Spirit, Soul, Shadow (Physical) difference - Antony of Healing/Shadow Work

  • INNERstanding the Clairs

  • Working the Elements nature, 4 directions and seasons, and herbs the Medicine Wheel

  • Energy/INNER-G and Chakra (aura - energetic field)

  • Ancestral Veneration- Calling Down

  • Tools of Divination

  • Rooted in your practice 


and so much more!

What you Receive from me.....

  • Nine (9) 50 minute Sessions 

  • Healing Sessions from various medicinal Healing Modalities that I use including but not limited to..Heart Talks, breath work, sound medicine, herbal medicine, crystal medicine, etc.

  • Unlimited email support

  • Limited phone support 

  • Healing assignments and activities

  • Materials and Resources to support your  Growth & Transformation

  • 10% off Sacral Soul Ancient WOMB Herbal Medicine

  • Unconditional Love and Guidance

  • Mentorship

  • My 30+ years of working with and empowering women