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The WOMB Wisdom Oracle Deck deck was made with love! Each card was intuitively guided by Spirit Her Most High - The Divine Feminine Spirit, The Ancestor, The Divine Mothers, the Energy of the number 13! The messages for the card deck and journal were channeled, through me, with the purpose and intention of assisting us in connecting to our highest and most authentic self. Both the card deck and the journal will serve as our guide to assisting us in boldly and courageously embodying our soul's purpose unapologetically!


The Beautiful thing about the both the Deck and the Journal is that they can also be a companion Peace to my book WOMB! And yall know I don't do ANYTHING at ALL without Channeling or Being Guided by my Spiritual Collective so there IS definitely PowHerFULL meaning behind the Deck, Journal and Book- from the Date of Release, to Number of Cards in the Deck, the Words, Colors, etc. The card design was illustrated by Ariyah Cottle. The WOMB Wisdom Journal was edited by none other than my mother, Bettina Campbell! How absolutely beautiful is that? Talking about WOMB Connection, Wisdom and PowHer!


Why the number 13?


What I KNOW now is that I was Chosen, Consecrated and Initiated for THIS Life, for THIS Work at 13! And over the years, the PowHer of the number has been revealed to me. The picture below is a picture of me at 13 years old on Easter Sunday. It was my first time ever wear white on Easter. It was also the first day I began my menstrual cycle. Easter, 13, menstrual cycle....the significance of that served as another PowHerFull confirmation! 

Contrary to what society has scared us into believing about the number, the number is actually! The sacred energy of the number 13 embodies the Spirit of Divine Feminine Energy.


The 13th letter of the English alphabet is M, which in the Hebrew alphabet is Mem meaning water. In Egypt the word for water is Moo. The Divine Mother is associated with water (and the Moo-n), as all life begins in water. The Moon travels an average of 13 degrees a day and there are 13 weeks between the equinoxes and the solstices. Historically, a woman’s menstrual cycle or the moon phase was in sync with the moon for an average of 13 menstrual cycles per year. 13 is a beautiful combination of strength, energy, inspiration, passion, and motivation. 


The number 13 is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Many ancient secret societies and mystery schools understood that the number 13 represented death and rebirth through ascension into eternal life and it represented the secret knowledge of all life including sacred sexuality.


The number 13 embodies the energy of prosperity and our relationship to it. The motto above the pyramid in the Great Seal e pluribus unum has 13 letters and means “out of the many, one” or “one from many” or “many uniting into one”. On the back of the Great Seal it says Annuit cœptis, which also has 13 letters.


Furthermore, there are also 13 levels of the pyramid culminating with the infamous All Seeing Eye at the top. The number 13 announces the ending of old cycles and the beginning of new ones. In the ribbon below the pyramid is the Latin inscription “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which means New World Order. Perhaps it is a coincidence that “New World Order” has 13 letters.

Corona...Crown Cosmic Consciousness...


Therefore instilling fear of the number 13 was a way to disconnect the women from this PowHerFull Divine Source Energy.


It is time once again, to remember that the vibration of 13 helps us to realign with Source Energy, our own healing and embodying our authentic truth and soul’s purpose.


WOMB Wisdom Oracle Bundle
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WOMB Wisdom Oracle Card Deck and WOMB Wisdom Journal hard copy
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WOMB Wisdom Oracle Card Deck and WOMB Wisdom E-Journal.
$49.00 plus 4.95 shipping

WOMB Wisdom Journal Hard Copy
$22.00 plus $4.95 shipping

WOMB Wisdom E-Journal 

WOMB, The Book
$17.95 plus $4.95 shipping

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